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Verification Code doesn't work!

After YEARS of playing Simpsons Tapped Out, I've been prompted to enter a "verification code" all the sudden.... when entering the code, I get an error message that the code is incorrect.... I've set, reset the code and reinstalled the app with NO access..... ****


  • Same here... Did you find a solution...?
  • jonofmeans
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    No Solution Yet
    EA says they’re still working on it (they probably should have done that before the “verification code” rollout.
    I’ve missed out on ALL of the game content for the past 2 games. [Foodie Fight AND Springfield Enlightened]
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  • I have been unable to login as well! I also can't update my email address in my profile on the EA forum in order to get the verification code!!
  • gnomo2296
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    The same here!
  • I have contacted EA help and support chat line 4 times today. All four times they asked me the same questions to try and verify that I am the owner of the account, I have an email address that has been closed down and unused for well over 5 years, so I'm not going to be able to use that as an avenue to getting my verification code.

    Back the very useless assistance I have received so far. All questions were answered correctly, to the best of my knowledge, all four times the representative informed me that I was "very close on my answers, but they were unable to confirm it was in fact my account". **** is going on with this EA cmpany?!?!
  • As posted: they don‘t care and won‘t provide usefull support nor solutions!
  • They could at least give us a progress update on how the fix is going, for god's sake!

    Unless, as I suspect, the programmers AREN'T working on fixing the issue at all, and EA have abandoned everyone who can't get in.
    I believe, personally, EA are lying that they're trying to fix it. They surely would have told us five weeks into the problem about what they're progress is.

    If I ever do finally get into the game, I'll just spruce up my town, take a panorama photo and then delete the app for good. I can't deal with this kind of ridiculous treatment.
  • Had similar problems that the code was wrong but only when I use "ok" to confirm. When I click on the side to remove the keyboard it works.
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