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Game is dead

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Been playing since release and (like countless others) haven't been able to access my account because it is attached to an old email & it's impossible to change that as EA Help's support in emailing changing is absolute trash and helpless. Never in my life have I had such a hassle simply attempting to change an account email anywhere. It's devastating seeing Golden Goose reality up for sale now after a year or two of me excitedly waiting for it. The verification code update makes no sense, like why did they do it? Literally the only logical answer I can come up with is that they wanted to get rid of thousands of active players. So congratulations EA is that is true.

Is there something we could collectively do to persuade them to change it back to the old way of email & password? I'm thinking a bulk influx of app store reviews/public social media complaints/website complaints


  • The coders have failed. I hold out hope that competent coders will be brought on to make things right.
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