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Not sending verification code

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As much as I have the verification code stupidity I've been using it. Now today it isn't mailing a verification code at all. I can hit the resend code as much as I want, but I never receive a code. I've talked with two friends and they are having the same result on different devices.


  • wwrsimon
    6 posts New member
    Same here, but when it does actually send a code, the code doesn't work...
  • Am not getting a verification code either.
  • wwrsimon
    6 posts New member
    Not even getting a code now. I just get 'An error occurred processing the login. Please retry'
    It's not been a good day for some TSTO users, has it...?
  • Tried deleting and reinstalling and now seem to have lost everything. After playing for many years I cannot be bothered to start again from scratch, so it looks like it’s bye-bye Tapped Out..
  • terradane
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    edited July 27
    Same on my tablet… I constantly log out of my account on it bcs I play for two accounts. But I haven’t logged out on my phone and it looks like my account is fine. So I hope your accounts are not damaged too and it will be fixed soon or with the next update. Hold on guys!
  • wwrsimon
    6 posts New member
    It's been a real struggle today. I couldn't connect to the server numerous times early on, so I deleted the App and reinstalled and after entering my e-mail to log in it's repeatedly (and I mean repeatedly :# ) coming up with 'An error occurred processing the login. Please retry'.
    No chance of contacting anyone via the EA website - it just hangs with the little spinning clock-thing icon.
    I tried to reset my password via the EA website, but the code they sent (eventually!) doesn't work. It's a strange way to run a business, that's for sure...almost as if they don't want our patronage. :(
  • Thank you for having the game back up and running! Very good! :smiley:
  • wwrsimon
    6 posts New member
    I'm now back up and running. Seems my problem may have been my e-mail account and/or server, which was taking ages to receive the codes after EA had sent them. After an online chat, they changed my account's e-mail address, and I could then change my account password as the verification codes started to arrive instantly. Once that was done, I could log into TSTO with the in-game log-in code which arrived immediately too...
  • I Was Trying to Put in The Simpsons Tapped Out Account but it says An error occurred processing the login. Please retry. repeatedly all the time
  • mobstew1
    4 posts New member
    Not getting code either and do get the dreaded error processing login msg as well. Have done what most have already, restart, reinstall, over and over and still no code. Set up new account with different email and got code. They tried switching new email to existing game and no emails were received. They switched it back and new game gets emails old still doesn't. Just got off chat with EA support and the person told me the only solution was to merge existing with new account, but will likely loose everything and they wouldn't lie about it. I declined and will wait hoping this gets resolved.

    Seems some are starting to receive codes? but is very sporadic. I will like all, just keeping swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming........LOL
  • ok now this has just happened with me, they have logged me out and now asking for a verification code. put my email in and nothing is sent have done this 100 times already. what is the solution? some one help pleaseeeeeeee. *sigh and yet my email is fine. why change this crap seriously why not just let you log in with your password.
  • Same happening here since yesterday. My email account is correct (I've used verification codes before with Tapped Out) but nothing comes in. No emails at all so I can't log in. Been playing for years, I won't be starting from scratch again so I guess its bye bye Tapped Out.

    As a note, what kind of game app logs you out randomly when you play every day? That in itself is very annoying even when the verification codes work.
  • Still not able to log in - no verification code is ever received.
    Set up diff gmail account and started a new game. Get code no issues every time I log in.
    Still tried EA support chat for original game.
    Still being told create new email id and they would copy over profile.
    Still do not trust this is 100% guarantee .
    Still waiting for EA to fix this. And looks like many more are hitting this wall.
  • Hi, I have the same problem since weeks. I don't receive a verification code. I also don't have my Mayhem ID. Didn't know about the ID before. Don't know what to do. I will not start the game from scratch after playing a long time and actually investing money in this. Can anyone let me know how to get in contact with the EA support chat? I checked the EA website but couldn't find it.
  • I was unable login for 5 days because codes weren't being sent to my email, after a 2 hour live chat & email support case failed I tried the phone call back support option and they had me make a new EA account and then cloned my existing tapped out profile over to the new account, Hopefully they can figure out the root of the issue as this is kind of a drastic fix, but at least I didnt lose 8 years of progress!
  • The code thing was working just fine for me on two different accounts then just today I stopped receiving the codes on two completely different addresses. Hoping this is just something going on at EA and will be remedied shortly. Anyone else having this problem today?
  • I have been having this issue for weeks and finally contacted support (via chat) and after 2.5 hours and changing my email address twice, he just said this was a known problem and I need to be patient while they fix it. That would’ve been helpful to know right off instead of wasting an evening.
  • mobstew1
    4 posts New member

    After waiting for EA to fix the, logging in and or no verification code received issues many are having, I decided to give the clone game solution a try. The first time they did it I had to create and register a new EA account for them to use and then they cloned my old account to this new ID. I was about to get the verification code which worked and get to the login screen where I could see my former level was correct but when I tapped to login, kept getting cannot connect to server error. Left it with the tech I was speaking to and he later emailed saying they would have to clone the game again but to a different EA ID.

    So next day I created a new EA ID - completely different naming fr previous ones - got online with another tech and told them the tech I was talking to previous day said they would need to clone the game again. Told the tech I was all ready to go and she looked through the case (s) history which took a while. Anyway the tech cloned my game to new EA ID, got the verification code, tap to login worked and back to my game, but no donuts. So tech looked back at history and saw, previous guy mentioned the prev donuts should be there but if not let them know. So the tech credited the said donuts and I am good to go. Town is the way I last left it. Going forward will find out mayhem ID, and take screen shot of town to show level and donuts from time to time, just for my own backup. Have had no issues since.

    Sorry for the long note. Not sure if the EA id I previously created, which was similar to the old one was the issue, but the one with the different naming convention helped?? Not sure. Anyway, thought I would pass my experience along. I was sceptical about the closing process as I was told some time ago by another tech there was no guarantee my previous game would get cloned properly, so that was why I held out for a month and a half. After 8+ yrs of playing, that's a lot of history to maybe get back?? no tv and no TSTO make Homer something something something............. LOL

    Bottom line for me was my game was successfully cloned to new EA ID and level, town, and donuts are all good to go. Now just have to go back and delete all the previous EA IDs I created trying to fix this problem.

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