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Northward Bound: Changes (Update: 11/18)

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November 18th Update (Northward Bound Patch 1)
  • In the Alter Egos Mystery Box, Jockey Bart now also unlocks Furious D. If Jockey Bart is already unlocked, Furious D will be given once the game is started.
  • In the Hidden Agenda Mystery Box, Hellfish Burns was changed to Hellfish Bundle. If Hellfish Burns is already unlocked, the rest of the items will be given once the game is started.
  • Blue Mountain Tunnel, Yellow Montain Tunnel and Red Mountain Tunnel can now be stored.
  • Donut Veins can no longer be tapped on other Springfields.
  • An issue connecting the Monorail through tunnels was fixed.
November 16th Update (4.52.5; Northward Bound)
  • The app icon and the splash screen were changed to new ones for the event.
  • The decorations limit was increased from 14,000 to 15,000.
  • The music was changed back to normal.
  • New rows of land have been added on Springfield Heights, aligning them with Springfield's, unlockable with Land Deeds.
  • Fantasy Mountain Castle can be stored again.
  • T-Rex's Post Photos on Poser and Turn the Compost, and Clockwork Bart's Tell a Scary Story, Fight Elder God and Get Bart to Ultra Prank jobs animation was fixed.
  • Noir Lisa and Connie Appleseed were added to the characters that can Moonbounce.
  • Uncompletable Treehouse of Horror XXXII post-event quests are now completable.
  • The Leader's Hand Out Pamplets's job name was fixed.
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  • What’s strange is I got a notice saying that the limit is 15,000 and that I have 15,149 decorations placed. It won’t allow me to place more as it has in the past - now I have to store 149 items, seems like it’s a hard limit now and you can’t go above it at all?
  • ZennGlenn
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    edited November 2021
    Ditto on ITEM LIMIT shenanigans are apparently quite screwy however, as it's now telling the limit is 15000 & I'm over by 183💩
    How the heck does that happen with a 1000 increase😏?
  • could be the trees, buffalo and donut veins planted on the new land. You can store them or sell them when you open the land.
  • ZennGlenn
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    edited November 2021
    Ahhhh, indeed👌
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