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Tips & tricks

Hello, has anyone got any tips and tricks to gain more money, to get rid of tasks quicker and finish the Springfield heights quest. I play daily but don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Only have 120 doughnuts too


  • Hey, I added you the other day.

    Each player has their own way of playing. Unless you use doughnuts I don't think there's a way to rush anything on this game. Im a freemium player so it's not something I've ever done because I think it's a waste and would rather use them on the year book mystery box.

    Prioritise what you want to get done. For me it was complete Springfield Heights and collect all the buy able land. I always send characters to the city dump too, usually get 5 doughnuts a day off this and a load of trak pieces.

    Obviously if there's a event running prioritise that and make sure you're able to finish it.

    It's a grind but as your confrom-o- meter goes up things get easier.

    Just be patient and the rewards will come.

    Maybe put this on the main thread. Others on here might give you some other advice.

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