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Zombie sandwich

Is this item worth getting via mystery tokens? What does it do?


  • bluntcard
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    edited November 2022
    The first Halloween event featured many of the main Simpsons characters being turned into Zombies. The Zombie Sandwich allows you to turn those characters into Zombies. They wander near wherever you place the ZS. So if you place it in your Evergreen Terrace location, for example, they'll wander, meandering throughout that area of town.

    Many ( me included ) wish they would add this feature the the Nightmare Pile which currently only allows you to send one child trick or treating instead of as many as you'd like. Hopefully when they finally do make this happen they'll wander near where you place the Pile so you can choose which neighborhood they all trick or treat in.
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • frosted1414
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    edited November 2022
    So worth it!! It's the best thing ever!! Transforms 34 characters into zombies!! You can see a few in this screenshot
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  • 4junk3000
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    Cousigames wrote: »
    Is this item worth getting via mystery tokens? What does it do?
    Besides the feature of making the primary chars zombies like this:2vc82k4h5j4e.jpeg

    The sandwich has 2 more fun features in my opinion.

    1. It can be used to bring the primary characters to a remote area. They pursue the sandwich, so anywhere you put it, they will follow. Here’s an example i just sent everyone to my zoo:e960xfqm7d8f.jpeg

    2. Because they do this, it can be used for ZOMBIE RACES! which are very fun.

    I like to start them while congregated at one end of town, then move the dumpster to the opposite side, and then guess who will arrive first! Here’s an example: aks5t8r0rdy2.jpeg
    Snake was in the lead most of this race, but Duffman won. Oh yeah!

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  • Lobes06
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    edited November 2022
    I prefer to keep mine away from the general population to prevent further infection. Sometimes they still get out, though... :)

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