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A theory: Is snake loss related to poaching, and is Lisa's task involved?

I was visiting my neighbors, and never saw more snakes then I could take by license + the "lost" snakes that got loose when I went into the towns. Only a few towns actually had extra snakes that got loose. But if they did, it was always 5 and I always found those 5, thus resulting in a net gain of 5 for every town.

Which means, to me, you can't poach anything. You can only take what you can legally take. 5 or 10 based on your license and any that escape.

By your theory, if Lisa is releasing snakes in Other Springfield, it should be full of snakes. Maybe I'll try that tomorrow, cuz I sent her to do something else by the time I went to Other Springfield.


  • julianabr
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    edited April 2013
    Thanks for info. I haven't experienced any snake loss upon entering a town. I will watch for that tomorrow.

    (yeah, a "retired" technology geek with WAY too much time on my hands...)
  • julianabr
    21 posts
    edited April 2013
    OK, so I couldn't go to bed without getting Lisa's balance beam...

    I did experience snake loss upon entering some towns. It looked limited to only 5 snakes (or a multiple), but then that town had more than 5 snakes available. Basically, the same thing other posters seem to be experiencing: if you lose upon entering a town, it's because you lost some of your snakes in that town and you just have to round them up before you leave.

    This poster here has a theory about large losses, and I think they are on to something...

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