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plopper the pig

30 mins. Film Krusty burger commercial.
1 hour. Hunt for truffles.
2 hour. Hunt for more truffles.
4 hour. Be Harry plopper.
8 hour. Walk on walls.
12 hour. Become Spider-pig.
24 hour. Steal attention from Bart.


  • Deadshot_DCU
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    Selma should have a task at the Pimento Grove for when they introduce Troy McClure and another where she carries JubJub outside
  • XxEpicnezzxX
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    +1 on the idea of Plopper the Pig.
  • SuperMario643000
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    Create a avatar for yourself! The tasks can be basic stuff and you can choose your apernce!

    30min. Eat at Krusty Burger.
    1 hour. Shop at quick e mart
    2 hour. Attend town hall meeting
    4 hour. Become a motionless background charactor.
    6 hour. Go to school ( if your a kid) testify ( if your an adult)
    8 hour.watch R rated movies (kid). Drink at moe's (adult)
    12 hour. Party in the brown house.
    24 hour. Desperately seek a Job.
  • emmcee1
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    NASA launch pad with rocket
    Get homer and barney astronaut skins

    Homer tasks
    1hr task-call NASA about another boring space launch (must have phone booth)
    4hr task-launch procedure(waiting in rocket)
    6hr task-eat chips in rocket

    Barney tasks
    1hr task-work out
    4hr task-sober up
    6hr task- get drunk of non-alcoholic whine

    Homer and barney combined task
    1hr-sit exam
    4hr-compete against each other in work out routines
    6hr-swimsuit competition.

    That's just a quick run down on what I think would be cool and the rocket would looks awesome
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