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  • thatgirl444
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    lissarv68 wrote:
    This year I'm planning to give my mom a Pandora bracelet, compiled of charms that have special meaning to her, that represent different events in her life, different memories we shared. Hope she likes it :)

    My husband and son have done this for me, I love that bracelet. It's not all Pandora though because I like other brands as well. They did a bracelet one year with just 4-beads so the boy could add to it every gift giving occassion. I now have enough beads to make two bracelets so I just swap beads out. I have some color beads but many that have significance.

    Fabulous idea and she will cherish it.

    thanks so much hun :) I think she will :)
    I have one myself that hubby bought me for Vday. I only have 3 charms on it so far but I adore it. He said that he will keep adding to it during holidays or special occasions. Whenever mom sees it she always compliments me on it, which is what gave me the idea to get one for her for Mother's Day.
  • gijoe8897
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    My dad passed away on April 1st this year from lung cancer. What I hope to do for my mom is have a quilt made for her out of his t-shirts that she can use as a throw\cuddle blanket to remember him by.

    So sorry to hear that!
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    I don't have a standing relationship with my mom as she is mentally ill (borderline personality disorder). My family and I have tried for years to get her help to no avail. She believes the world is crazy and she's completely sane. It was really hard when I was a teenager and she first showed signs of her illness. Nowadays I have let go and I have faith that one day she'll be cured, if not in this life, then the next.

    My ideal mothers day with her would be to just be able to take her out for a nice dinner, as this is impossible now without making a huge scene. I miss the person she was before her illness.
  • robyn111a
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    Last Mother's Day I gave my mum a framed photo of myself and a 'fake' scratchcard with a £5000 prize ha. She wasn't amused. Next Mother's Day I'm taking her to Rio de Janeiro, I'd like to see my brother try to beat that.
  • iPattyCake913
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    My mom and I are like best friends, I love that I don't have anything to hide when I am with her. For this Mother's Day, I want to give her something that is from my heart and not bought and something that shows that I put a lot of thought and effort into it, something one of the kind. I am going to draw a portrait of my favorite picture of me and her together. She loves my drawings and she keeps everything I drew ever since I was a kid, now that I am going into college for Graphic Design, it would be a nice gift to give her a drawing worth framing just like a normal picture (:
  • Lachlansimpson
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    This me and my dad is building a Bali hut with a spa in it for my mum, so she can relax.

  • kylie2maisey
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    This is a lovely competition.

    As I will have to miss my Mother's birthday this year which is May 1st due to me being stuck at uni doing my dissertation, I want to make a deal out of Mothers day. I will go home for a few days, over the weekend so she will be off work. We become ladies what lunch, finding somewhere nice for lunch. My Mum enjoys shopping, and she has been after going somewhere for a big shopping day, (we live in a small town, there isn't much, so it requires a good day trip to do proper shopping), so I will probably take her out shopping for the day. Normally I buy her a very nice piece of jewellery that costs more than all of my jewellery combined for her birthday, however this year I would like to do something more personal, I will make her a CD of me playing the flute, as she used to love listening to me play when I lived back home. Then the very cliched thing of cooking dinner. I know, its very cliched, but we love it. Then there will probably a wii game session or a dvd marathon.
  • lyle_catcliffe
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    smith3198 wrote:
    You don't know if i am lying. How could you tell if anybody who Responds to this is lying. you created a thread asking for peoples Stories about what their best mothers gift was. gardening is what I do for work. And I am an honest person. You don't have to give me the eggs, I was glad to share a gift that I thought was special because I put my hard work and time into it and it was something that lasted all season, I'm sorry I don't have photographic proof.

    I don't believe anyone doubted you... they were questioning the OP. Lovely story tho, very sweet.
  • julianabr
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    We celebrated Mother's Day early this year. My mom, my teenage daughter and I went to London for a week. It was really really special. We ate great food, we schlepped thru all the tourist stops, and pretty much could not stop laughing the whole time. My daughter compared it to a week long sleepover party.

    All my favorite Mother's Day gifts given and received have been about spending fun time together. Just unplugging and doing something with mom that gives you both joy.

    Thanks for the contest. It's a lovely idea, and maybe I'll get some ideas for next year.
  • andreaskjr
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    We're going to move to a bigger house, so i'll be giving her flowers/plants or posters/paintings.

    Fantastic idea btw, Mother's Day is great :)
  • zantheman7
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    I wish that my mum will go to heaven!
  • lissarv68
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    Bump because I love this thread want to read more ideas. Even if some of them may be made up? Who cares, it's still cool reading what people might do, would do, have done, or are going to do.
  • cfcbesto
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    Last time I bought her a necklace and a bracelet, this time I might buy some stuff for the garden, maybe a conservatory and/or higher fences :mrgreen:
  • lissarv68
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    I'm getting a new Coach bag. I get a new bag every year for Christmas (either Dooney or Coach) but this year I had my eyes on something else so my boys decided to get me the new purse for Mother's Day. I'm sure they will do other things, they usually make me a cake and dinner too. I also usually get a new bead for my bracelet and some sort of jewelry.
  • Lynchy91_EFC
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    I'd like to take the whole family to Canada. Laugh if you may, but it has always been a dream place for her to visit
  • kradnam
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    I love to cook, so prolly just start off her day with a simple breakfast, send her off to this massage therapist i got to and again for dinner cook whatever she is feeling like.
    I am not big on words and she likes it simple, so an easy day for her it would be :)
  • Khatastrophic
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    My mother and I have always had a very shaky relationship, possibly bc I'm far too much like my father for her liking lol.. Ideally for mothers day I would buy her a house or send her on a vacation back to ireland to visit her family, but since I am a perpetually near-broke single mom myself, I'll probably just cook her something amazing (colcannon is one of her favorites) or pay her electric bill or something..

    On my end, all I want for mothers day is a nice, relaxed day with my teenage daughter. Since I'm coming to realize what strange creatures 13 year old girls can be, I might do better asking for flowers lol
  • gijoe8897
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    Great ideas so far!
  • queenautumn
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    My ideal mother's day gift would be for every man to understand what it is to be a mother. To live in constant fear of losing you. To live in constant fear that you will be hurt or someone will hurt you. I'd love for the world to stop smoking around children, move out of seats for pregnant women, and understand what it is like to live on only a few hours of sleep and stay trapped indoors breastfeeding a newborn all day and all night. (I'd also love for EA to understand that I lost most of my donuts because I have to play one-handed while I nourish a human and a confirm button would be greatly appreciated).

    I'd love for my son to grow up knowing that mommy didn't always have those stretch marks, but that they aren't ugly because they were made out of love. I'd love for my son to respect all women no matter what their size and know that mommy didn't always have that little paunch, but that he once live inside and I sang to him and felt him kick and punch.

    Since I'm American in the UK, we celebrate Mother's Day twice a year. On the UK mother's day...our boiler went out and we were forced to go to a hotel. We had to cancel our brunch plans waiting for the repairman...and my husband forgot the card (I found it in the kitchen this week).

    My baby is only 18 months old, but watching him explore a new hotel room and smile was a great gift.

    I think the greatest gift would be for people to call their mothers and let them know how much you love them and then apologize for all of the times you scared them by doing stupid things. We've all done them. Only now I know how much my mom struggled raising my sister and me.

    I also think the second greatest gift would be 1000 eggs for this mother. :P
  • Z94wzE60x8
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    My mother was in a car accident in 2007 in which she suffered a brain injury. She's functional and knows everyone and stuff but she has enough memory issues that she needs help. She got put into a program called Willowbrook and lives in one of thier assisted living houses with staff there and other clients. They make them follow stupid rules (for example they have a time the must be in thier room) in 2009 the forced her to have a legal guardian who controls hat she can do with her own money. Shes not allowed to leave because her insurance company says she needs a care giver that lives with her. It's a long story but she's miserable there.

    If it was possible I would get my moms legal guardian changed to my cousins wife who is licensed in the same thing the people at the place she is living in now do. I'd make it so she could just live with them so shed have much more freedom. And so she could feel like she's living a somewhat normal life again.
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