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Resigned to not getting Tatum. Do you think he'll come again?



  • Dyl26
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    Don't give up just yet, you have time 4.5 days to be exact. Keep trying make use of all your resources such as the characters who can get you snakes like lisa, ned, cletus, homer, apu, milhouse. Also find a person who you know will do egg trades with you. Give them all of your eggs and then they will give you all of theirs. Also visit your neighbors make sure you have alot of friends under you list make use of the 100 friends limit because you can get a lot of snakes that way.

    I was in the exact same boat as you because getting 5000 snakes for the last two prizes seemed very over whelming but I didn't look at it as 5000 snakes, and I broke it down and got the snakes in multiples of 100s.

    Good luck I know you can get them, because I did and if I have the patience to do it (I'm a very impatient person) any one can!!
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  • neilkeen
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    xMathii wrote:
    How many eggs do u currently need to get tatum as I can easily drop them if u have room. I currently have over 2,000 n no use for them...

    Add me RocketRod147

    Any chance sir that you could help me out? I have a target to get 1800 eggs a day because I'm still only at 5600 snakes... Thanks in advance :)

    hi if you have any spare i would love some. cheeky i know but if you dont ask you dont get!! 1200 off tatum

    babyshambles653 is my username


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