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This game rip me off I try to contact origin for this problem nothing read post for more info

The thing that is worse I still play this game to try to get the snake event last two items I could have been closer but I never received the second building I could have been close to getting the sleazy motel by now I guess that shows you never sped money on this game.


  • Babbo22ajm22
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    EA the company that steals your money honestly I tryied to contact them again but the service is always teparaly out of service for three days strieght wow really. I want them to fix my issue of the missing building that I purchase with my donuts. When will there service ever be on. Instead of handling there customer support threw email they should have the courage to talk threw the phone for better service. If only there customer support could be threw phone my issue could have been resolved by now. Instead I am wasting my time talking about it threw the forums. That clearly the creater of the game or programmers or whatever they are does not read the issue of the customers. I just want my amount of donuts I spend back on my game. Which was 180 donuts at the time. By now I still play the snake event I could have been half way to getting the sleezy motel. But I bet by the time I get in contact to customer service the snake event will be over and I will not be able to get the two last item of the snake event. I dont want the money back I want the donuts I paid for which clearly seems that I am not getting it back.
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