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Do EA purposefully have the worst developers possible?!?



  • VxMarmitex9
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    Don't spend any money on the game then...

    If you spend money on this game and you know that EA are unreliable, then its your own fault and you have no right to complain.
  • TRTX84
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    kmendo88 wrote:
    You lose steam when you say it's a free game and people shouldn't complain. It's a Freemium game. It's goal is to draw users in to spend money on the game. A lot of the people complaining are people who have spent real money, or people who might spend money if they saw a more stable product.

    That's true, but ultimately there are MANY people who will pick up the game, never spend a dime on it, and likely never care too much about issues.
    kmendo88 wrote:
    Anyone who can do the math will figure that the prices in this game are ridiculous by any standard.

    EA will only charge what they can get away with for Premium Items. So if you think 90 donuts for a new character is a lot compared to the 30/60 for the first two, keep in mind there are still cities that continually pick up these new items without hesitation (and complaint about the price while doing it).

    Also keep in mind that the prices are reflecting how much easier it is for higher-level players to earn donuts. And a LOT of that can quickly be skewed by the infinite donut glitches many used to pick up not only Premium Characters, but extra items that inflate their multiplier and let them earn MORE donuts. Weren't a few people hear bragging they could bring in over 100 donuts a month with the right farm set up?

    So the cost of premium items is going to rise, with the idea being that you'll have to supplement all of the donuts you're earning with paid donuts. It's natural inflation. And it'll keep inflating until they hit a point where the price outstrips the demand. Then they'll drop it a bit, and that'll be that.

    And we can all claim that "fixing all of the defects will draw more paying customers" but we both know that's not entirely true, as people here will still complain about OTHER defects even after other bigger ones have been fixed (look at the current outrage over Dual-Character Tasks for example) And even if it attracted more customers, there are people who are paid more than either you or I that determine if the value of those new paying customers would outweigh the cost of fixing the defect.

    But if you want to talk ridiculous prices, go check out Jurassic Park Builder. I was playing that game for a few months and earned 127 of what that game considers "donuts".

    The T-Rex? 500.

    I recall doing the math and that translating to about $50 of real-money. What's the most expensive item we have in the game currently?

    Meanwhile this game is running some seriously hefty events that shell out a lot of great free items on a fairly regular basis. And while not everybody will get everything from Whacking Day, they've still got a good shot at a few new skins and a few fun new buildings. (Though I admit I'm still waiting for something to make Fort Sensible useful)
  • Taha24
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    I don't know how anyone could EA in this case. It's not like this game is being made by one person in his basement. This is EA, the biggest video game publisher in the world. Some of the issues this game suffers from make no sense from someone with the resources of EA.

    I've had people have issues adding me as a friend. I don't know anything about software development, but i'm pretty sure having a proper friends list system isn't that complicated.

    Then yesterday I had someone drop a bunch of eggs for me.. but when I went to my town, it kept crashing and wouldn't let me access my town.... then half a day went by and I was finally able to access my town, except all the eggs were gone. I would maybe understand the issue if I was using a weak device with low memory, but I'm on a Nexus 4 with 2 GBs of RAM.

    Add eggs disappearing, server disconnects, and other issues.... and it's just baffling how a company the size of EA can't release a polished product.
  • redec69
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    As a software architect, I feel I have to correct a misconception which seems prevalent in this thread. Software companies do not want bug-free software! I am not talking about EA, I am talking about *ALL* software companies. Simply put, bug-free software is not cost effective - it is expensive....the only bugs that are not acceptable are the ones which will actually stop people from using the software. It has nothing to do with the skill of the developers - the software is developed to a minimum acceptable quality and then it is shipped...."minimum acceptable quality" being "good enough that the average player will continue to play it"....if you spend any more time on it than that you are wasting money. The difference between good developers and * developers is (among other things) the amount of time it takes them to reach that minimum acceptable quality. Put another way, all developers will produce roughly the same application quality...the only variable is how long it takes them to write it.

    If you're curious, google the space shuttle software development process - it is an example (and possibly the *only* example) of where even a single minor bug is not acceptable. It's an extremely lengthy and expensive process which simply would not be practical for a game (or any other piece of commercial software for that matter)
  • heshmonstre
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    To me it's all about customer satisfaction. Obviously companies are going to try saving money where they can but if the game annoys people enough they're going to stop buying items and that's bad for business. From how EA handle it it's clear ALL they care about is profit. People not buying as much? Let's raise the prices. And I understand trying to save money but why not try fixing bugs that are prevalent in numerous instances ESPECIALLY when it affects newly released premium characters!! It doesn't seem like its a big task or would take too much effort or work. With the money they make from this game it just screams cutting corners to make extra dough and that's why people get angry. It's disrespecting the customer when something that they PAY is released faulty and is in the long run I believe it's bad for business.

    With regards to what this TXT guy says, you are talking about the less than 1% of people who try to farm, buy and sell to exploit the xp bar for donuts, with the bonus multiplier that was exploitable because of a glitch THAT WAS EA's FAULT (and took 8 weeks to fix even when it was beneficial to them). They have since fixed the xp bar so that every time you level up it increases by 20% making this process useless anymore. Yes there are still people who hack the game and will continue to do so but the majority of people support something if they feel it deserves it and if ea continuously brought out a game without overpriced and glitchy products that annoy people more people would buy them and not try to exploit the game even if it was possible. People try to hack the game BECAUSE they are unhappy with it, not the other way around.
    I also don't think you can talk about a game as being free when they have made so much money from it and when the problems affect not just the free players but those who have dropped serious dough on this game.
    I'm not even mentioning the other MAJOR glitches that they've released into major events that made them virtually unplayable because apparently "if it affects everyone you shouldn't complain about it because it's a free game". (which by the way according to the difference in code didn't take much to fix- do try even test anything at all?)

  • emmcee1
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    kmendo88 wrote:
    TRTX84 wrote:
    At the end of the day, Tapped Out is still a free game. You can choose how much of your money to spend on it.

    Maybe that's one of the reasons the glitches don't bug me so much. The only donuts I've spent were earned through grueling task work and a bit of luck cleaning up Springfield.

    And promos.

    You lose steam when you say it's a free game and people shouldn't complain. It's a Freemium game. It's goal is to draw users in to spend money on the game. A lot of the people complaining are people who have spent real money, or people who might spend money if they saw a more stable product.

    I don't spend money on the game outside of a few bucks for * and giggles. But, I can understand why people would complain about a game that deals with real currency, even if the initial purchase cost them nothing. Particularly for the prices people pay for premiums. If they are hurting for money with this game, which I highly doubt, it would be a smart decision to lower the price of donuts and expand the market. Anyone who can do the math will figure that the prices in this game are ridiculous by any standard.

    Totally agree, I've havnt spent a cent, but I really would like to if only the sorted out there issues, to me spending money on it ATM, seems just silly with out a "stable" product guarantee.
  • bobbell234
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    The title of this thread simply cracks me up.

    Imagining interview with EA:

    EA: Well, Mr. Bell, this code sample is absolutely stunning in its simplicity and elegance. And our team of QA specialists could not find a single significant bug in your code.

    Mr Bell: Well, thank you. I appreciate your compliment.

    EA: Unfortunately, we have to drop you from consideration for this position because you are obviously over-qualified for us. We have a policy of hiring only code monkeys because they work for bananas.

    Mr Bell: ...

    (sarcasm mode) Yeah, EA purposely hires the worst developers. (/sarcasm mode)
  • vic147
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    And it's going to get worse :

    Electronic Arts on Thursday said that more layoffs were in store at the console videogame titan as it adapts to the popularity of play on smartphones, tablet computers and online social networks.
    "In recent weeks, EA has aligned all elements of its organizational structure behind priorities in new technologies and mobile," the California-based company said in a blog post.

    "This has led to some difficult decisions to reduce the workforce in some locations."

    (Also see: Electronic Arts cuts staff at Montreal studio)

    EA referred to the latest round of layoffs as "hard but essential changes."

    EA did not specify the number of workers being let go, but videogame news website Kotaku cited unnamed sources saying the company would cut employee ranks by 10 percent.

    In March, EA chief executive John Riccitiello stepped down.

    EA veteran Larry Probst was appointed to lead the company's executive team while the board of directors searches for a replacement for Riccitiello, whose tenure as chief executive began in 2007.

    EA is among the longtime videogame industry companies striving to adapt to an industry being transformed by the popularity of free play on smartphones, tablet computers and online social networks.

    While announcing Riccitiello's departure, EA warned investors that its earnings for the quarter could be slightly lower than estimates provided at the end of January. EA is to report its quarterly earnings on May 7.

    Last week, EA announced that it will "retire" some Facebook games that seem to have fallen out of favor with players at the leading social network.

    EA said that 'The Sims Social, 'SimCity Social' and 'Pet Society' will be taken offline on June 14.

    "After millions of people initially logged in to play these games, the number of players and amount of activity has fallen off," EA said in a release.

    EA continues to make games for use on Facebook, noting the upcoming release of Bejeweled, Solitaire, and Plants vs. Zombies titles from its PopCap studio.

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  • XxEpicnezzxX
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    Thread goes "Bye-bye," in 3...2...1... :mrgreen:
  • emmcee1
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    That's the other thing, you fork out cash only for the game to get taken offline, at least with a console you have the actual product, iam sure lots of people have put money into sims, and now it's gone, that totally sucks, no way on earth will I buy any donuts now, forget it ea. seriously they can't be this stupid can they? I mean it's totally driving people away from donut purchases let alone drawing new players in. I've played since it was released last year and have been so close to buying donuts, but at the last minute something always pops up and convinces me to not get them. It's like going to a car yard
    Salesperson- this car is fantastic, I can see you in this car today, and just because I like you, I'll through in this and that
    You- so how good is this car?
    Salesperson- I don't know, it can play up at anytime, let alone in a few months we won't make any more parts for it, so yeah if I was you I'd buy it.

    This is what there sales pitch is like to my ears.
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