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Log out of Origin, then back in. Start deleting friends. It seems some towns are causing this. I deleted about 20 and it started working again.


  • jasondecrae
    51 posts Member
    edited November 2012
    I have same problem as OP.

    Removing friends didn't work. I'm at 57 friends total now, and still get the server conn error.
  • Keys1980
    393 posts New member
    edited November 2012
    Same issue as op.

    Have never been able to connect to friends. Always lose connection.
  • zuzupj
    1452 posts Member
    edited November 2012
    I went through and deleted the ones who haven't logged on in a week or more. It seems that the ones who haven't updated are causing issues.
  • jasonicus321
    1811 posts New member
    edited November 2012
    If you are still having issues and still have friends, keep deleting them.
  • cloudscape
    1 posts
    edited November 2012
    This has not worked for me.

    I removed everyone from my friends list who had not login in the last 6 hours, still unable to connect.

    I am considering removing all my friends to see what happens, but I am doubting it will do any good.

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