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Ea are such money grabbing b*@$&ds



  • boricua619
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    Where can I begin!?! Hmmmmmmm STOP WHINING... If you want to buy those things? That's on you!!! No one is forcing you to do so.....
  • juicer420
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    fastdan1 wrote:
    juicer420 wrote:
    The problem is that they make everything too expensive. Even while collecting the "free" donuts, in order to have all the premium content over the past year, you would need to spend close to $200. That's too much money. Those "free donuts" hardly put a dent into the overall cost.

    It's a bit frustrating that they put out so much limited time premium content. You basically have to spend $10 a week to keep up. And that's a bit greedy on their part. I'm not saying that they are wrong in their approach because supply and demand is what powers the global economy and such....it's just not the most ethical or moral approach.

    I personally wish they would slow down on the premium stuff and make this game stretch for awhile. They literally just put out "junk" to buy for $20. That's the kind of stuff that gets EA voted as worst company. When they "give back" to their consumers, it's just a ploy to sucker them into paying more cash.

    Again, it's a sound business approach, but it's not going to get them any fans...just more money.

    Where to start?...

    First, it has absolutely nothing to do with ethics or morals. The way they run things may not be perfect for you, but their goal is not to make YOU (in particular) happy. They are trying to maximize profits. How does one maximize profits? By getting as much as they can out of each consumer AND by maximizing their market share. It's a balancing act. Charge too much and lose customers,... don't charge enough and lose revenue. Trust me, they have people smarter than you and I making these decisions.

    As far as public opinion of their company goes, it matters. How could you deny that?

    If you read my comment, you would know that I mentioned that they way they conduct business is a sound approach from a profitability standpoint. I'm not denying that did their math correctly. They hit a home run with this game. However, it's been incredibly buggy and more expensive then they lead their consumers to believe.

    My comment was also in response to the original post. The op was wondering why EA gets such a bad rap for their business approach. I gave my subjective opion as to why that may be true. You can agree or disagree, but don't say ethics and morality doesn't matter when it is essentially the topic at hand and then "school" me about their business approach when I essentially stated the same thing.
  • nutsforbart
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    Yes Ecneraic, sarcasm, great attention getter.

    Again I like seeing folks that get it and appreciate what this is all about. This is business and I think they are doing a great job at targeting a VERY wide audience. Anyone can play for free or spend as much as they want or can. Much like as in real life!! We can't all afford the premium things in life. However EA has allowed a way for "anyone" to play for free. I have to admit I have spent a little money on donuts.....I am weak and have given into the temptations. (-: I have not gone overboard though. I go to some of my neighbors town, and, Holy Crap! They must be loaded. LOL. But I'm not jealous. I enjoy looking around to see what they have done with it all. It's an inspiration. (-:

    Thanks EA. I enjoyed Whacking Day, but I'm exhausted and the house and yard chores are way behind. So give us all a little time to catch up with our real lives before you spring another one like that on us.

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