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graffiti questions

Cleaning up graffiti will increase your righteousness star rating.


  • LTruest
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    It's simple bro. Any visitation from friends is a benefit. Here is clear example; someone spray-paints your town hall or whatever. Now if you were to go wipe that * off u'd get a XP or cash benefit yet the graffiti'd building itself is still making revenue. So when u see and interlocked handshake icon you should take it as a friend support.
  • repus420
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    thank you for the information here. so if i see graffiti in a friend's town & clean it up for them, than instead of them seeing the mop, it'll show them a handshake instead, & i get righteousness points for cleaning up their town, but they still get xp & cash either way...? i just want to make sure i'm not taking away from my friends by cleaning up their graffiti instead of spraying more elsewhere or just finding something else to assist them with...!
  • LTruest
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    No the Graffiti is different.
    Someone may Graffiti your Building but that automatically allows you or someone to 'clean' it.
    Either way the only benefit is to the original game player. You can spray or clean as
    much graffiti as you like and benefit the player.
  • adruralo
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    There is a lot of information regarding graffiti and righteousness ratings but a lot is conflicting. Basically no ones knows exactly how it's supposed to work.
    One example is that someone will report that thier rightousness remains at 5* and they don't bother cleaning or graffiting their neighbours. Others will say that their rightousness will drop like lead if they don't visit.
    Then others report that after just cleaning up graffiti of a couple of neighbours their ratings jump back to 5* immediately, but others report that it takes up to two/three days to get it back up after visiting every neighbour.
    And some people report that their righteousness suddenly drops to zero or suddenly increases back to 5* while others report that it's gradual decrease or increase.
    I stick to the basics, the game states for you to help your friends by graffiting their public buildings. This supposed to benefit you and your neighbour by providing cash and XP but also to keep the rightousness rating up. There is nothing in the guidelines that says cleaning up helps your rightousness though it provides cash and XP. However only by testing this theory and if it does help then so be it. But I can assure you that someone will come along and say, they have tested this and it does not help your rightousness rating at all.
    Best advice on this conflicting issue, is to test it yourself and see what works best for you.
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