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Ask a silly question......


  • GetafeMyLawn
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    Ask a silly question......
    im only new to the game im just making sure that you dont have to spend loads of money<real money> to get a lot of donuts
  • Mark_Ravn
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    edited May 2013
    Some people spend money on the game

    Edit: there arent many free donuts... Only about 50 i think - at least until you reach level 29+
  • Skyrim-mrp
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    +1 :thumbup:
  • bryantvb84
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    how do some people have so many donuts?
    as your map gets bigger is it easier to get donuts?

    Never a dumb or silly question, that's what this forum is for. The only REAL way to get free donuts is by cleaning up your springfield and leveling up. There are threads with more tips and tricks for this game, just use the "search" feature.
  • amauthe8
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    edited May 2013
    Ask a silly question......

    Don't be rude. If you're new, you don't know that there isnt more donuts as you expand.

    Getafe - a lot of items you may be seeing may be from past events where they were given out for free.

    However, a few months ago, players experienced a "harp of death glitch" which once broken, prompted the user to get around 1000 donuts for free. (it is fixed now, and it won't happen again most likely). This may be part of the inflation of items you see in peoples towns.

    Also, most regulars on this forum are people who have bought tons of donuts with their own money. As you expand, you can clean up the trash and every once in a while a donut pops out. Otherwise, what you see is the money they have spent.
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