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Level 23 Players List.... Add me thread.


  • caesarscott
    82 posts
    edited November 2012

    i'm level 22, but up to 29,000 XP on my 23 level. i had to delete all my friends b/c it was constantly crashing. i play daily
  • ilovetrish
    54 posts
    edited November 2012
    I'm only level 14 but I've taken great pride in my design. It's not as extravagant as a level 23 player but I do play every day and have been playing for a month now. I just really enjoy visiting towns that encourage me to make my Springfield more amazing. My screen name is ilovetrish if you want to give me a chance.
  • thejudd67
    395 posts
    edited November 2012
    Nine9Nines wrote:
    I hope that for every time a new level is released, there are AT LEAST 15 threads exactly like this. :roll:

    Adding top level players is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER! in this game.... You know, if you're a conceited **** Springfield designer. Did I mention lazy? Because that's the nuts and bolts of this idiot's desires. "Hey everyone, I'm level 23! Add me so you can see how great I am!!!"

    Seriously, who gives a s**t what level a player is? You get no benefit from visiting high level Springfields compared to lower level ones. L23 players are just as likely to get cut off from EA's servers as anyone else, and let's be frank (okay, you be Frank!), that's the only reason anyone quits a Simpsons game.

    Good thing it's on EA's servers, otherwise too many people would play it....

    Not only will EA's stubborn refusal to upgrade my account not allow this to be quoted properly, it will also prevent me from posting the Orson Wells clapping gif this post deserves.

    It's been my experience that most people at Level 23 got there by farming and if you've seen one boring farm you've seen them all. I'd much rather see someone at a lower level grow their town in some creative way I didn't think of and haven't seen yet than I would scroll through the same boring endless stream of brown houses.

    For the record I am a Level 23 player with everything but the post office built at current (though I should have it in a couple days) so I'm not feeling left out or anything, I just don't get the need to be exclusionary.
  • nancalmei
    215 posts
    edited November 2012
    If you have 100 (and now 100+) friends to get through then you don't want to wait around for the Simpsons house or a Kwikimart in lower level towns to pay out a few times to collect in full because they don't even have enough buildings to vandalize before you can move onto the next town. It's simply easier to stick to higher level towns who are moving at the same pace as you are as a matter of efficiency, not because of some elitist exclusion.

    Anyway, I'm at level 24 and just waiting for the weather station quest to start so add me if you're at least level 20+ and not using a hack (it always kicks me off when I click on hacked towns.)

  • SoapSuds70
    8 posts
    edited November 2012

    Add me please as I'm currently level 23 (about 40,000XP through)

    Thanks :D
  • kevdawg_1991
    116 posts
    edited November 2012
    Add me, filled all xp for level 23 and I have all the buildings and characters and I take great pride in looking after my town, please add me

  • Marcovarius
    558 posts
    edited November 2012
    I have a level 23 springfields with most premium items. I even try to be as accurate as possible to the real springfield. :) add me if you have a nice town (no farms) marcovarius
  • msarsur
    7 posts
    edited November 2012
    Add me: msarsur. Recently rebuilt Springfield, LV. 23, missing only the Post Office and some premium buildings. Not a farmer!
  • jfoughe
    1 posts
    edited November 2012

    add me, working on post office
  • SirEdgarA
    183 posts
    edited November 2012
  • Azurfale
    71 posts
    edited November 2012
    I want to know what counts as a farmer, because I have 5 of each house (or at least am working on it) but my layout is decent not just clumped together.

    Currently level 23 but have been working on land expansion over getting the last 3 quest buildings. I had to delete all my friends to get it to work again so please add me, Azurfale.
  • Battlestu
    8 posts
    edited November 2012
    Please add battlestu .... Lvl23 and working to get the post office
  • TKEll377
    6 posts
    edited November 2012
    Add me


    those are L's

    I had to delete my friends to get my game to work again im lvl 22!!!
  • berniebam
    24 posts
    edited November 2012

    Recently had to delete all my friends because of the cannot connect to server friend town glitch

    Play every day and have loads of premium items, I'm still expanding So I have a lot of houses lol

  • rubymccoachx
    22 posts
    edited November 2012

    add me :mrgreen:
  • gmfrgsn
    57 posts
    edited November 2012
    Come have a look at my Springfield!

  • jenkins177
    3 posts
    edited November 2012
    jenkins177 level 23 play daily.
  • JK47GT
    8 posts
    edited November 2012

    I play everyday.
  • master200669
    26 posts
    edited November 2012
  • creepyulee
    67 posts
    edited November 2012
    Had to delete everybody and start over after the new update. Please add me: creepyulee. I've got everything except a lemon tree! :D
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