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Problem with update!

In order to prevent EA severs crashing, they release the update to certain areas/countries and as the majority of players have it, it gets released to more. It sucks but it always happens with major updates. Last time it was Austrailia and the UK who had this problem. Not sure where you are.


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    I have the same problem! The game installed fine on the iPhone, but the Android tablet says it's unavailable in this country (the UK). They are both in the same country, so unless it's the different platforms that made the difference, it makes no sense. Is anyone else in the UK having a problem? If so, what device are you using?
  • dessskris
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    same for me, I'm in the UK, using android samsung galaxy tab 2. can't update. my friend who also lives in the UK can update with his iPhone. I'm using his phone to play now :mrgreen:
  • talonat
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    Hi, I'm on Android in Australia and when I entered the game this morning and followed the link to update internally, it told me it wasn't available in my country.
    Try going to the PlayStore separately and search for the app there, and tell it to update. Worked for me :)
  • lanaw88
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    I'm on an iPhone in Australia and so far I haven't had an issue. I did with the valentines day update but just took a bit of patience and then it resumed working. Hope it begins again soon for you!
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    I tried going to the play store, but the download failed each time. Gave up eventually and the next day, it automatically downloaded! :mrgreen: Patience is the key here.
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