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Can you buy items directly into inventory?

The short and simple answer: no. Sorry.


  • kelekod
    415 posts Member
    edited June 2013
    When I'm buying brown fences, the XP's often get in the way, and I can't see where I'm placing them, or I may not even be able to place them, so I have to end the purchase, clear the XP, and then go buy more (I'll have to do this process like 3/4 times per group of houses I'm building. Is there a way to buy fences and have them go into inventory, as it's so much easier to place items out of inventory, as there's no XP images popping up.

    No, but you can tap the xp without closing the build menu. Sometimes its tricky, but I've gotten it to work.
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  • jasonicus321
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    edited June 2013
    The XP popping up like that is so annoying. I always cringe when I need to place a fenced off area.
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