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what are some of your personal favorite tasks, & why...¿



  • MariaGeorge
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    edited June 2013
    P003htb wrote:
    I like all outdoor tasks, period.

    Me too. My favourite combo is this one, always makes me smile:

  • repus420
    13 posts
    edited June 2013
    P003htb wrote:
    I like all outdoor tasks, period.

    Me too. My favourite combo is this one, always makes me smile:


    hahaha, that is awesome; thank you for capturing & sharing that...!
  • Skyrim-mrp
    3684 posts
    edited June 2013
    Martin riding his bike
    Burns and Smithers on there bike
    Love joy on his train
    snake robbing krusty burger
    Karl pogo
  • NeoSEC28
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    edited June 2013
    There as so many outdoor tasks I like tbh :) but here's my list for the moment probably got the names wrong but I never really take notice just go by time of them lol

    Bart cycling with Kang - Always makes me laugh
    Duffman - flying over the stadium
    Jasper - Taking wrong pills, Red Or Blue pill :lol: That's for that EA ;)
    Ninja Homer - Any Outdoor ones
    Herman - Training task
    Moe - Limo

    There's more but work is getting in the way again so will post again later lol
    Volunteer EA Senior Moderator
  • JaredEgan
    127 posts
    edited June 2013
    I agree with all of the above.
    There are so many great tasks that need donuts (like frinks flying machine and Scorpio's flamethrower ;) ), but some of my favourites don't need any:
    Lisa on the sax
    Sea captain practicing standup
    apu praying to Ganesh
    I love seeing legs and Louie running around "protecting" and collecting "tributes" :)
  • KittyRobbie
    89 posts Member
    edited June 2013
    Someone mentioned the prison search lights above, that's the same reason I love Tatum's 8 hour task, love seeing the coliseum with the lights going. I finally bought Frink yesterday, his 12 hr gizmo task and 1 hr flying machine task are new favs. Gorgeous Grampa's powder puff is sweet too!
  • Dha12oks
    7 posts
    edited June 2013
    repus420 wrote:
    nothing makes me laugh harder than watching barney start running to "attend an aa meeting" when beginning that task. i wish i could afford to get the donuts necessary for a lot of extra characters & buildings that come with characters, but donut prices are ridiculous, so please tell me about what all i'm missing out on, & what the easiest way is to get donuts when you are tapped out yourself, heh...¿!?i

    Ralph makes me laugh lol, and btw you could get the golden scratch-r tickets, works out a bit more cheaper :)
  • robertnbrand
    654 posts Member
    edited June 2013
    P003htb wrote:
    I like all outdoor tasks, period.

    +1 :mrgreen:
  • BillionDuck
    159 posts Member
    edited June 2013
    Homer/Lisa Skiing and snow angels./build snow man were my favorites.

    I also like Skinner being crossing guard (With Duffman Subtly turning Americas youth on to alcohol)

    Smithers exercising Burns is great, too

    Ironically, sometimes I put all my characters indoors. Just so the town is empty.
  • lightninghound
    250 posts Member
    edited June 2013

    Flanders - Show Wrath
    Homer - Go Bowling (Barney's Bowl-a-rama Lights display)
    Fat Tony - Relax in Hot Tub,
    Skinner- Go Bird Watching
    Lisa - Balance Beam
    Lugash - Train Children
    Tatum - Step into the ring (Arena search lights)
    Snake - Serve Time (Prison Search Lights)
    Burns - Walk Hounds / Hide Nuclear waste / Work at the Plant
    Miss Springfield - Strut
    Quimby - Embezzle Money
    Comic Book Guy - Cos Play or Watch and Despise a Movie (Aztec Animations)
    Pimply Faced Teen - Sell Burgers
    Bart - Sneak in to R Rated Movie (Aztec Animations), Skateboard
    Marge and Edna - Protest
    Milho :-) - Fly a model plane
    Frink - Test Gizmo
    Cletus - Dig through Garbage
    Duffman - Party at Moe's or Duff Brewery
    Bumblebee Man -Ay, Dios No Me Ama!
    Brockman - Undercover Report
    Krusty - Walk Mr Teeny
    Sideshow Mel - Juggle
    Luigi - Toss Pizza or Play Accordian
    Moe - Spy on Midge
    Wiggum - Patrol Springfield or Stake Out
    Otto - Play Guitar, Sleep on the Bus
    Nelson - Play the Guitar, Laugh at others misfortune
    Dr. Nick- Practice Street Pharmacy
    Dr. Hibbart - Do Surgery Outdoors
    Smithers - Drunk Tank (Police Station Animations)
    Willie - (shirtless) - Pushups or washboard abs
    Lenny - Mystery Novel
    Carl - Pogo
    O'Flannagan - Irish Jig
    Jasper - Take Incorrect Medicine
    Grandpa - take a nap / feed birds
    Lovejoy - Ride Train / Walk the Dog
    Martin- Stargaze
    Scorpio - Flamethrower, Fun Run, Be a great Boss
    Kearny - Dance a Jig
    Sea Captain - Tell a Tall Tail
    Moleman - Make a short Film, Provide Security
    Ralph - Celebrate Birthday (Wiggum House Animations)
    Legs - Protect Local Businesses
    Louie - Collect Tribute
    Barney - Sleep in the Gutter
    Agnes - Sweep

    My personal favorites are tasks that either have an outdoor animation, or prompts a building to animate. When I'm able, I try to task all my characters to one of these two options to keep my Springfield looking active.

  • jtgroth
    379 posts Member
    edited June 2013
    Usually I keep every character on outdoor tasks (regardless of time) so that I and my neighbors can see them all while visiting. Currently, I am not doing that so all the characters are available when the various Squidport task complete to keep the progress moving.

    That said, some of my favorite animations are:

    Scorpio: Test Flame Thrower
    Ninja Homer: Fake Whack Pretend Snakes
    Moe: Smuggle Endangered Species
    Sideshow Mel: Blast From The Cannon
    Moleman: Make a Short Film (or Man Being Hit By A Football the Musical)
    Kang: Run From Puny Humans
    Fat Tony: Get Rid of a Problem
    Jasper: Go Paddling

    And of Course the B-Sharps at the Open Air Stage

    Mostly, these just crack me up every time I see them.
  • direwolf987
    7450 posts Member
    edited June 2013
    I like Frink's one hour task where he flies around in a machine, wish it was longer. 2nd favorite would be Cool Homer walking around acting superior.
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