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Brockman-how to unlock '60 minutes' task?: the question answered! Thanks!

When you buy the new lounge chair. That becomes his 60 min task. It's called "Relax"


  • sonny1618
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    edited November 2012
    Buy yourself a sun lounger. Brockman sits on it for an hour once it's available.
  • didemlale
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    edited November 2012
    Ohhh! Thank you very much. I bought the chair and it worked! Again, thanks a lot!
  • edited November 2012
    didemlale wrote:
    And I am not completing grandpa quest anymore because it officially seems to be a bug. ....

    Grandpa ist waiting for a Kent Brockman task. Kent quit his work (making news) and then Grandpa ask him to make the weather News. You hav to build the Weather Station and let Channel 6 make the Weather News :)

  • didemlale
    208 posts
    edited November 2012
    Hi! Thank you very much for the info! I will check it :)
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