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Grave Digger Fat Tony

I've seen it a few times with various characters, most games do this for some reason. I still can't help but feel like they're slacking off on the job :roll:


  • IconicCharm
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    edited November 2012
    Happens all the time, doesn't bother me, everyoenes gotta have a break :p
  • creepyulee
    67 posts
    edited November 2012
    Great! Then there are the times when I come across a group of characters together and they quickly disperse, so I don't catch on they were having a conversation. :)
  • adruralo
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    edited November 2012
    I also notice this with Devil Flanders when he's doing his wrath.
    As soon as I visit a friends Springfield Devil Flanders astops his wrath and stands up and walks around.
    I see fat Tony doing his task again at the purple house, but before he does start again, he has a quick drag on his Cigar.
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