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What your favorite part of TSTO?



  • jenniferbusc
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    edited September 2013
    Making my town mine!
  • childeharr
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    edited September 2013
    My favorite: "Better them than me. Oh wait, that was me!"

    I also like this thread, because its not about complaining about the game, FOR ONCE! And, now I have to buy the McBain set, because it sounds awesome.
  • Epic_Tapper
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    edited September 2013
    DahnnnY1 wrote:
    the same 8)
    don't lump me in with you.I'm pro Neo.

    LOL +1
    +2 :thumbup:
  • Micaela2409
    74 posts
    edited September 2013
    I never was into games like The Sims and its variations. But... These are The Simpsons!!! My favorite thing about the game is to "interact" with these characters that I know since I was 10. I still love The Simpsons and I will probably get old and love The Simpsons. My dad is 62 and I still give him birthday gifts like a Homer Simpson birthday cake or Homer Simpson boxer short so... Simpsons Rule :)
  • fuzznugget77
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    edited September 2013



    Mine is Looking forward to the updates and the suprise you get after down loading them 8)
  • Jay_Kay_4747
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    edited September 2013

  • darkforce1985
    31 posts
    edited September 2013
    favorite part is when u see thumbsup in the town like christmas trees 8)
  • pschneider48
    13 posts
    edited September 2013
    Well I'm new to the forums here and upon arrival I was quickly drawn to the screen shots of all the awesomely designed Springfields. I never knew it was possible to have the town so detailed. Some of these towns looks absolutely amazing and it's got my creative juices flowing. So I'd have to say that my redesign project without any premium objects (still holding out on them lol) would be my favorite part of TSTO
  • datasurgeon
    1878 posts Member
    edited September 2013
    I love the come hither look of Edna Krabappel when she comes out of her apartment house
  • 80sarcades
    117 posts
    edited September 2013
    Let's see...

    1. Watching Chalmers cry in the woods:-)
    2. Looking at Miss Springfield sashay around town (I'm a guy. Sue me.)
    3. The silly text bubbles.
    4. Hoping that Arnie Pye's sky harness will break and I'm there to take a snapshot.
    5. Putting Homer to work cleaning trash (and hearing him groan!)
    6. Watching the cash roll in (never get tired of that.)
    7. Watching the grenades roll out of Wolfcastle's mansion.
    8. Watching a new tile pop up.
    9. Laughing while Smithers pedals Burns around.
    10. And finally...watching Legs and Louie dunk someone in front of the Buddhist temple. For some reason they'll end up there...don't know why:-). Enlightened peace through violence, perhaps? :wink:
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