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2 Ned Flanders

Neesep wrote:
I have the devil Ned skin at the moment as its Halloween. I sent Rex Banner on the interrogate Ned task and the devil Ned is still walking around. I'd appreciate it if someone could show the photo. I've linked it below, but I don't know if I've done it right.

[img]http://m.imgur.com/E2GaXuf http://m.imgur.com/E2GaXuf[/img]

You didn't close the image tag. What you have to do is click the IMG button once, paste in the URL, then click the IMG button again- this is why an asterisk (*) appears in the IMG button after you click it once.

Also, you didn't have the correct version of the URL either. All image link urls must end in an image extension, like .jpg or .png or .gif, otherwise it's not an image link and you're just linking to the entire page. To get the image link from the URL you gave, go to that url, right click on the picture, and choose "Copy Image URL". Then just paste here.



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