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Fun with Booberella

:thumbup: Great! Love the Kang one.

Is there a way to control the direction your characters move? I've been trying to come up with the some task combos for Halloween and can never seem to get the characters to be in the right place.


  • ozwald5
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    just patience and a bit of luck.
  • Aennilya
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  • dominic115
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    Aennilya wrote:

  • aljimo
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    Not quite the same, but I got a chuckle out of something last night. Had Krusty walking Mr. Teeny, and at one point he came to a stop right in front of the shuffling zombie. I popped the zombie and Krusty immediately turned around and walked the other way, like "I want no part of this."
  • graywolfii
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    I just had a good one in my town, but didn't react quickly enough to get a screen shot. Marge was vacuuming Dr. Hibbert's outdoor surgery patient!

    Dr. Hibbert: Nurse! Suction!
    Marge: Ohhhhkay.
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