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• Future Updates • What Do You Want?


  • Vs1976
    875 posts Member
    edited June 2013
    Springfield needs a bank...
  • oneasian
    10 posts Member
    edited June 2013
    I really want more police men to keep Wiggum company!


    When are we going to get these guys?
  • Mattwakeham
    2 posts
    edited June 2013
    Someone just contact ea and get them to make a option to exchange game cash for donuts or make money for charging like £1 for the game instead of stupid amounts of money for premium items
  • Skyrim-mrp
    3684 posts New member
    edited June 2013
    I would be happy with a cosmetic update e.g more decorations, textures and colours. And try and get placing items easier or even bulk drop ( could of done with the latter one with the eggs) :-)
  • stevealton83
    61 posts
    edited June 2013
    Skyrim-mrp wrote:
    I would be happy with a cosmetic update e.g more decorations, textures and colours. And try and get placing items easier or even bulk drop ( could of done with the latter one with the eggs) :-)

    Yeah some smaller more personal decorations would be great like

    Homer BBQ
    Flanders bunker

    Oh and if they could make the "big **** skinner" weather balloon that randomly floats around Springfield ..that would be great :mrgreen:
  • __zainh17__123
    337 posts Member
    edited June 2013
    ancient333 wrote:
    The ability to collect all cash at once.

    you shouldn't be playing a game with TAPPED OUT in the title if you want that ability
  • HomerSwapMeet
    726 posts
    edited June 2013
    Characters and locations:
    Lionel Hutz and I Can't Believe It's Not a Law Firm
    Troy McClure
    Patty and Selma with the DMV or Spinster Apartments
    Manjula with the Nahasapeemapetilon apartment building
    Judge Roy Snyder and Blue-haired lawyer with Springfield Courthouse
    Lou and Eddie
    Crazy cat lady and her house
    Crazy old man
    Noiseland Arcade with Richard and Lewis
    Sherri and Terri (possibly as a two-character as one)
    Superintendent Chalmers
    Rainier Wolfcastle/McBain
    Bill, Marty and KBBL
    Itchy and Scratchy
    Jimbo and Dolph
    Jebediah Springfield
    Very tall man
    Springfield Mall
    Costington's and Mr. Constington
    Yes Man
    Lake Springfield
    Springfield Googolplex Theatres
    Springfield Grocery Store
    Springfield Gorge
    Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn
    The Jazz Hole

    Gameplay changes:
    Vehicles can drive along roads
    Decorations and build menu split up into sections:
    Flowers and plants
    Walls and fences
    Other decorations
    Anything else I might have missed

  • thewillibobs
    19 posts
    edited August 2013
    As we all know, after a certain time had passed, some buildings become unavailable and may never be brought into the game again. This is a little sad for people who haven't played the game from day one. What's even more sad is we can see these buildings in a Neighbours Springfield who may not even play anymore. I think a great feature of the game would be able to buy and sell buildings we may want or not want for cash or donuts. The user (or EA) can set a price for limited buildings and Neighbours can buy them.
    Making it possible to get those great buildings we may have missed
    What do you think?
  • edwardsontany
    3 posts
    edited October 2013
    I would love for Tapped Out to have a button that can clean out the town and put all items in the inventory so i can re-build AND re-build my town whenever i feel bored with the current design and wanted to get creative without me having to spend hours and hours putting stuff in the inventory..my town is pretty big with lots of decor and it would take me 1-2 hours a day for 3-4 days just to clean out my item so it can be an empty space again and i can begin re-building my springfield...

    I know Restaurant City game had this button before,but the scale was different.

    Please do this...
  • TempestTamer
    2 posts
    edited October 2013
    I would like to see some sort of icon on the screen only when you have a character not doing anything. That way you know there is still someway for you to make money, tickets etc. The icon can just be an icon and nothing else or you could have it go to a random character that is not doing anything.
  • joshuaacar409
    11 posts
    edited October 2013
    Easy ability to remove friends and reorganize them please.
  • bluyoshi88810
    1455 posts Member
    edited October 2013
    Ayn Rand School for Tots (With task for Maggie)
    Costingtons (With "Yes" Guy)
    The Happy Sumo (With Akira)
    Krusty's Mansion
    Noiseland Arcade
    Springfield Mall (With buyable stores and characters)

    Crazy Cat Lady
    Maggie (as a playable character for some tasks)
    Snowball V
    Yes Guy
  • kevin514
    60 posts
    edited October 2013
    Crazy cat lady aka. Dr. Eleanor Abernathy
    Oh, and a collect all button!!
  • mrnerdstrom
    207 posts New member
    edited October 2013
    MORE LAND please! I appreciate the recent expansion, but need more room currently and for future buildings from updates.
  • Vinterdraken
    1 posts
    edited October 2013
    My list in no perticular order.

    (Costume) Police Woman Marge outfit from ep 23 Season 6, with quests ofcourse.
    (Site) Springfield Monorail
    (Character) Jimbo
    (Character) Dolph
    (Character/Building) Akira with Dojo
    (Character) Brandine Spuckler
    (Character) Mary Spuckler
    (Character) Duff Surly (Most likely as a Krustyland character)
    [Character) Maggie Simpson- Would be nice to have her as her own character.
    (Character) Luann Van Houten
    (Character) Lionel Hutz
    (Character) Miss Hoover
    (Character) Judge Roy Snyder
    (Character/Building) Kirk Van Houten and Bachelor Arms
    (Building) Itchy & Scratchy International
    (Building) Kentucky Fried Panda
    (Costume) Bart Menu Boy Ninja from Lisa the Tree Hugger
    (Building) Montgomery Burns State Prison designed by Frank Gehry
    (Decoration) Springfield Gorge
    (Character/Building) Manjula and Apu´s Apartment
    (Costume) Homer Pie Man
    (Costume) Bart - Bartman

  • thirdeye69
    268 posts
    edited October 2013
    I want the Homer Dummy so Homer and Bart can use it to fake Homer's death and go on a quest where they just sit around in the backyard.
  • Naes556
    184 posts
    edited October 2013
    Jebediah Springfield day event. :-)

    It could have:
    Town crier Homer
    The Springfield museum
    The museum nerd as a character
    Hans Sprungfeld as a character
    Ripped George Washington portrait as a decoration
    Buffalo field "land cow" as a building
    Silver tongue as a decoration

  • mattderes
    133 posts
    edited October 2013
    What I would like to see is Troy McClure or Lionel Hutz, but I doubt we'll see them. My vote for most likely to actually be seen would be the Burns Casino, which would allow you you to wager money or donuts for rewards of the same.
  • jankrohn
    197 posts Member
    edited October 2013
    Wish list:

    Knock-a-Homer (costume)
    Richard Dean Anderson (character)
    Monorail (building)
    George Bush (plus tasks wrestle with Homer and wrestle with Lincoln)
    The Indian **** lady (character)
    Uter (character)
    Number One Stonecutter (character)
    Giant myPod (character)
    Bender (character, voiced!!)
    Santa (character)
    Leonard Nimoy (character)
    Arty Ziff (character)
    Cleanie (character)
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