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Have you made an estate in Tapped out?

No, others have posted who made gated community's recently though. Just go back a few pages


  • MelDesigner
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  • LuciiTigger14
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    This is mine

  • KittyRobbie
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    I watch enough BBC to know that saying is soooo British, and I love it! I think the Canadian equivalent is a subdivision. Gated communities to me are affluent communities protected with a guard and gate and have limited access. A subdivision is an area developed at the same time with similar looks/design in the houses, more like what you mention above. I haven't built one of either really, I have a regular neighbourhood and a rich area. Here's my rich area:

  • marty_syms
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    skippermeh wrote:
    I'm gonna make an estate in tapped out and I was wondering if you guys have done this before and - if so - what did it look like? :D

    Here is what I mean by an estate - b9oHnKq.png

    The Wikipedia defenition of an 'estate' -

    'A housing estate is a group of homes and other buildings built together as a single development.'

    Thats a really good idea and I like your design, ive been struggling for ideas on what to do with all the houses and straight rows wernt appealing, but got some inspiration here :)
  • mpwarner
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    I have two like this. Just replace in character houses as we get them

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