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Rebuilding my Springfield

I would never even think about doing that. It would take far too much work to do. And I'm kind of happy with my Springfield's design anyway.


  • bee88161
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    edited November 2013
    I am currently rebuilding a second town, tore everything down and put it to the outskirts seeing as I don't have all the land yet. My advice is wait until you have all the land so you can place everything in a corner and have more free space to work with. I would also recommend you only store decorations, there have been some cases of people placing items in storage and they disappear, rare occurrence but better to be safe than sorry!

    Best of luck.
  • Pull_Up_A_Chair
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    edited November 2013
    mikeee000 wrote:
    I'm at l36 now. When I started, I crammed everything, anywhere I could. Before whacking day I did an overhaul with the space I had. With the updates and buildings since then, things don't quite look right next to each other. My downtown looks very crammed. I have been buying a lot of land plots recently.
    Has anyone else thrown most of their town in storage and started rebuilding almost from scratch? I'd like to to something similar to the gridded out map of Springfield in the sticky post.
    Any thoughts or recommendations would be great.



    Before you do this, buy ALL the land because each strip changes the whole layout, the center of town shifts.

    I move one section at a time. For example, I just redid the central landing area by placing the new
    Homer Tower in the center which meant everything was being moved ---- but I did one thing at a time... I stored the buildings and decorations that I was moving and cleared a new space for the big move.

    Everything at once??? Oh hell no.
  • philieb
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    edited November 2013
    I did this when the whacking day limit was imposed. My town has not recovered since. I am trying but it is an seriously difficult task to rebuild an entire town instead of doing little by little with each level up. Do this with extreme caution. Know that you have a lot of work ahead of you.
  • LuciiTigger14
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    edited November 2013
    I tore down everything, and put it all in the bottom corner as soon as I finished buying all the land and had 2mil saved up. I started in the top corner and worked my way out. It was a massive job and I couldn't ever think about doing it again. Although when you're building, you don't really think about how many items you're using, just be mindful of that, and make sure you delete any decorations that are hidden anyway (fences behind trees/buildings etc) saves alot of items. Good luck :D
  • mikeydluffy
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    edited November 2013
    I did a complete town rebuild within a week during the summer. Of course I have tweaked it since then but the general design remains. Just removing every decoration took a lot of effort but it was definitely worth it.
  • simbass7
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    edited November 2013
    When my main town was blocked I completely rebuild my second.
    It did take me just over a week (I dedicated myself to it)
    I stored.everything (you boys and girls should listen what.did.Bee say- just.in case don't store buildings)
    I roughly plan it, done the roads first and started putting puzzles together
    7 days 2h a day....
    Hopefully I don't.have to do it again...
  • firesoul19
    452 posts
    edited November 2013
    Thanks for this thread, everyone. I had been contemplating doing this (even though I'm pretty darn happy with my town), but now I will... not. :)
  • jacko_9997
    532 posts Member
    edited November 2013
    Once I have all the land, I will redesign my whole town.
  • ubernewb1579
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    edited November 2013
    started a massive rebuild and got burned out pretty quick.. now i've changed tactics and have slowly been doing one little area at a time, working from the outside in. the middle of my map basically turns into a dumping ground for all my buildings that have yet to be worked into my new design. so far it's going pretty well.
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