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Game is freezing after a few seconds of playing...

I decided to do a redesign of my Squiport and threw a bunch of tiles into storage. My game now freezes uncontrollably on my iPad 2. Need to try on my other devices, but this is beyond frustrating as I was trying to make room to buy the Planet Hollywood building.


  • XBL-Heretic
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    I had this very issue, and am aware of two neighborinos who were affected as well.

    What seems to have been the cause in my SF was having a number of Squidport tiles stored in my inventory. I was back and forth with A neighborino on this, and he told me to remove as many items as possible from my landing zone to try to minimize the freezing. I took his advice and was able to eventually store about 2/3rds of the items in my landing zone. Made it a bit better, but only around the landing zone area. I was still freezing if I moved more than 1-2 screens away. I was thinking about what precipitated the freezing and recalled I put 36 SP tiles in inventory before exiting the last time before the freezing started. So over about 50 or so attempts, I was able to get all my tiles out of inventory. At first, I'd start the game and scroll fast enough down to SP to be able to drop maybe 1-2 tiles (if I was lucky). Eventually got 10-12 tiles dropped, was then able to drop 3-4 tiles at a time. After getting about 22-25 tiles dropped, it was noticeably better ( less lag and fewer freezes). Once I dropped the last tiles, the freezing had stopped. I then replaced all of my landing zone items (about 100 items), and still no freezing.

    I opened a ticket with EA, no help there. Good luck!
  • Pyroxenite117
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    I'm having this issue town is unplayable, then its fine, then it freezes and crashes. it started on Monday and I maxed out on squid port tiles months ago. the tiles aren't a issue for me.
  • cooldaddy421
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    The same thing here with me. I just did about an 75% rebuild on my town Monday. And it has been freezing crashing then rebooting on my Kindle HD.
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