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Ernie Pye - Channel 6

I get 16000 but never counted the xp


  • TotalTapper
    348 posts Member
    edited November 2013
    I just calculated that my Channel 6 with Ernie Pye gives me for every tap : 2652 XP and $9469. The XP finally is much better than if you tap my tile.

    So if you have a chance to get Ernie do that task, your XP will make giant steps.

    Thanks to all my neighbor-eenos that taps Ernie Pye's face ! :)

    NOPE you get that cash and XP neighbor only get 16$ and 2xp

    they get more XP from the tile though
  • Pinkspaceangel
    343 posts Member
    edited November 2013
    Yeah you are right and I still have a tile up for neighbors that taps tiles only. I am very satisfied with the XP I get from my tile. But I also have other neighbors that taps other buildings when they come to tap my tile. So instead of tapping my Simpsons or brown house, might as well tap my Ernie Pye. :)
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