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What's Christmas in Springfield Like?

Welcome to the forum.


  • AmtrakQuebec
    138 posts
    edited December 2013
    It is more awesome than 10,000 Super Bowls... but I don't want to oversell it.
  • jasonicus321
    1811 posts New member
    edited December 2013
    It's like when they ask you if you want to supersize your meal and then forget to charge you for it.
  • 80sarcades
    117 posts
    edited December 2013

    I personally liked Christmas more than Halloween...maybe because it had snow (which is rare in my part of the world) and some of the characters had special winter tasks. I'm looking forward to it!
  • HomerBuddhaBaby
    11 posts
    edited December 2013
    Like warm apple pie.
  • LanceUppercut808
    857 posts
    edited December 2013
    Hey Dylan! Welcome to the forum!
    No one knows exactly what the Christmas update is going to be like yet, but it seems like it will probably be similar to Halloween...it looks like we will have some community prizes. Just keep checking the forum, people are speculating left and right, and the update should be here pretty soon now!
  • Indys2nd
    1906 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    Everything is covered in snow and the animation of it snowing is great. Santa Homer is a great animation (hope they sell him this year again.) Once Halloween is/was over then I could say the Xmas update is the best. (Really I liked them about the same.) There were some hidden features last year like the dead trees wearing mittens, which was cool. 8)

    Oh, and welcome to the forum. You picked a perfect night to join. :D
  • jimtorrisi
    5 posts
    edited December 2013
    I hope it's not better then Halloween since we only will have 14 days (if it comes out tomorrow)
  • ecneralc
    3182 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    Christmas update last year went into January so this one most likely will too.
  • Helen0725
    553 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    Here's a screen-shot of my Springfield from last Christmas


    And here's my Springfield patiently waiting for the snow to come: the school's got a few more upgrades and some of the
    buildings have relocated.

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  • MissGrafin
    806 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    Welcome to the forum!

    It was like an endless supply of your favourite cookies *drools*
  • Pull_Up_A_Chair
    896 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    Hi! Welcome. What a brave lad, to prance on into the forum of doom and ask a bunch of frustrated, South Pole elves to describe an event we thought would happen 5 days ago. Christmas in Springfield is cold, long and fraught with trying to avoid the streams of yellow, melted snow that fills our rivers. It's hell! We beat each other's townsfolk to death with hockey sticks and then we exchange gifts. It's so much fun!

  • jesslynco
    270 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    I really enjoyed Christmas event last year. The snow and Christmas lights are great.
    Last year the event currency was coins, you earned them by some characters tasks, a Christmas tree, and visiting friends. Then with those coins you bought lights for your houses which in turn generated coins. There was no gifting of coins to friends, it was all up to you. Since the game wasn't very far along yet there were only a few houses/building you could put the lights on. Once you had completed the Christmas quests the extra coins could be used to purchase Santa stockings which were basically homer Buddhas, giving you donuts and % multiplier reindeer.
    This year will be different I'm sure. Since it seems there will be community prizes like Halloween I'm sure it's going to be much more friend driven. If I remember correctly it went until around jan 10th. ( I know it went past the national championship game jan 6th)
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