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Friendrequests - "Too popular" message everytime.

If you are having this problem with multiple people, it's more likely that you hit the friend limit. I did this during Halloween. My origin ID said I had like 80 and it wouldn't let me add more. I went and scrolled through all my friends towns and counted that way and sure enough, I was at 100


  • obake-odori
    650 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    I also seem to remember something about your pending requests. If you have a long list of pending requests, that might get in the way of adding friends. I think it was at the Halloween event… there was some advice about deleting old pending requests to make way for new friends.

    Anyone else remember this? My memory may be faulty.
  • AzzaSophia
    32 posts
    edited December 2013
    Thank you :D

    Did a count and sure enough - you were absolutely right. Deleted inactive friends and now I can add again.

    Now I just feel bad about the ppl I ignored while trying to figure this out (thinking that they had a full list - and not me).

    Well... Luckily they are sure to find plenty of other friends, so it's my loss :o/
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