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The Homer Jebidiah Donut Conspiracy

Airion wrote:
So, in another thread we were discussing, amongst other off-topic things, the fact that tapping Homer whilst he's on his myPad no longer yields the Jebidiah/donut combo.

Someone suggested we put Homer in the paddling pool and try tapping him there. That didn't work either. Then my son tapped Homer a couple of times when he was off-task and voila! One Jebidiah statue and 10 donuts. Finally!!

I just wanted to put this thread out there so people who haven't got the statue yet know what to try, and so the older players will know for future reference should more threads crop up, or they're guiding a new player.

That's wonderful you found out. It takes simply repeated taps on homer doing nothing, you get the donuts and the statue. It doesnt happen again. You cant tap him 1000 times for more. It's a one time thing.

We are full throw of christmas now, have you updated? Christmas is happening


  • lolreallynext
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    edited December 2013
    oh yeah, i figured this out in my feeder town.. i had to wait till like level 7 or 8 and homer couldnt have a task in the taskbook.. it drove me crazy, i krpt tappin and tappin and cursing... finally bam.. it worked when he was freed up from all the thanksgiving and christmas tasks
  • Airion
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    edited December 2013
    Yes, I know you can only get it once. I already have my statue but my son only just started playing and we couldn't get it to drop. Problem solved. Maybe EA changed the code somewhere along the line.
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