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Any suggestions on premiums?

Well, it's really just up to you, but I recently got Otto and think he rocks, though the sound of his voice is really low. Also you get the bus so I would say he is a safe bet. :)


  • bbeam1249
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    As the previous poster said, Otto is awesome. I've always like him as a character though, so that's part of why he's one of my favorites. The only thing I'm not a fan of, is he doesn't have a task where he walks around.

    The Volcano Lair and Hank are pretty epic. The animation for the Volcano is great, and his test flamethrower is my favorite of all the quests available. Quite pricey though.

    The Aztec is the last of my favorites. While it doesn't come with a character, you can get it and Squeeky Voiced Teen pretty cheap. It adds premium jobs for Bart and Comic Book Guy (3 and 6 hour, respectively), and has my favorite animation in the town. It also adds a 4 hour job for SVT if you have him. It seems to add more interaction with the town than the other buildings.
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    Everybody will be different on this. I bought the reindeer because he's cute, and butterfly house for the same reason.

    I am a girl. :) Decorating the town so I like it is more important than having specific characters. :)
  • mogibbins
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    Squeeky Voiced Teen, Hans Moleman or Frink and his Lab are by far the best. All 3 are actually quite funny too.
    I wouldn't recommend wasting donuts on anything that doesn't actually do anything, people who played the Halloween update and purchased the Raven will know what I mean. Additionally, if you buy the Observation tower then both Martin and Skinner can do a 'Stargaze' task for 6 hours which earns $350 whereas their 8 hour tasks only earn $275. It's not a huge difference but it adds up over time.
  • thejudd67
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    It depends on what your goal is.

    Premium characters all pay out 50% more than a regular character does for the same length job so the 60 minute task of anyone you get with donuts pays 105 instead of 70, and any premium building also generates money at a faster rate but how much more varies. Also any character who does a job at a premium building will have that task pay out at the higher premium rate. Skinner and Martin can stargaze at the observatory and Comic Book Guy can watch and despise a move all for six hours and make more money than they would at their normal 8 hour tasks.

    Otto is the best value because you get both a premium character and a premium building for the fewest number of donuts so if your goal is to build cash as fast as possible then you should get him. If your goal is to have a nice-looking Springfield that you like then pick the building you think looks the best and go for it; there's no really wrong way to go. As far as progress in the game goes Lard Lad is the worst (no charcter associated, high cost, very limited quest opportunities for characters) but if you want one in your town then get it and be happy. I've got all the premium and my favorites are Dr. Nick because I like his character and he makes me laugh, and the Volcano Lair because it fits well into my design, I like the animation and Scorpio's eight hour flame thrower test task is one of my favorites (as it Moleman's make a short film).

    Visit the Springfields of a few friends who have premiums, see what you like and get it. You really can't go wrong.
  • bballwalli
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    Thanks for the tips, I bought Otto so far because he is one of the best characters in my opinion.
  • bballwalli
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    Right now me design is all over the place, and I'm currently on level 21. Trying to build up enough cash and the redecorating begins. I also ended up getting Fink and his lab as I took into account donuts and the fact that it is a character and a building.
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  • skylight16
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    Krustylu studios!
  • jjjett2
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    As stated above, pick some characters and buildings as they generate income.

    The nice thing about Springfield Observatory and the Aztec Theatre is that they turn regular characters into premium characters for their 6 hour tasks. Squeaky Voiced Teen is also great when you're in later levels as his jobs are in most of the regular buildings save for the Aztec Theatre. You really can't go wrong, just choose whichever you think will pay more, or be of benefit to you.
  • MrScrummers
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    I'd got with either Otto and the bus or Fink and his lab cause you get both a building and a character. The bus produces money every 12 hours i believe and the lab i think is 3 or 4 not quite sure. And not to sure of the money they produce. My personal favorite is Fink and his lab.
  • bballwalli
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    Thanks for all the replies, I purchased Otto and fink
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