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What did you get from the wheel? (List added)


  • truvoo
    59 posts
    edited December 2013
    After 12 Christmas light decorations, all simpsons snowmen except for homer, numerous money and gift cards finally got something worthwhile. I got the Yeti monster.
  • 65Malibu
    196 posts
    edited December 2013
    I just started playing just before Halloween. I won eight skins for houses, 4 snowman - Marge, grandpa, Lisa, and Bart, and the homer skin.
  • Dalekbuster523
    914 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    I got Maggie snowman last night. Better than nothing, I suppose.
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  • deomegus
    595 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    Have white house lights been mentioned yet??

  • willconquer93
    3 posts
    edited December 2013
    Money 4-5 times.

    And 2 snowmen I already got.
  • cripnite
    382 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    I think there were two new light sets this year, right? I got Skinners house, but what was the other one? It appears the only items I have left are Snow King, Helter Shelter and the Shiva snowman and whatever the other light skin is. started out unlucky but actually got quite a few things on it.

    EDIT: I guess I was wrong, Skinner house is the only new light skin. So only 3 items to go.
  • PatrickSays
    1140 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    Just got Claus Co!

    Now with 45k tokens, on part 18 in a loop till January, 99 friends = lots of free tokens daily.

    Still need both plow premiums, helter shelter and 2 snowmen. Very excited, I think all wheel prizes are possible with free tokens. :-)
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  • stldsf1
    62 posts
    edited December 2013
    I got skinner house light and marge snowman first 2 spins. last dozen have been cash i dont need. really hate that wheel
  • annettemarc
    7747 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    I finally got Mr. Plow. I started playing TSTO just before Halloween, same as someone a few posts up. So my original wheel was loaded with lights and then snowmen, and eventually just cash and the ever-elusive Mr. Plow.

    I have everything else (spent lots of donuts on tokens over the past week, though) ... And 3million in cash, and almost 42,000 gift cards. So now I have good old Plow King as the only thing I care about. Since I have the bowling alley and Barney, Plow King would be awesome.

    Lots of extra tokens coming in now ... Hope springs eternal. :)
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  • calebtbrooks
    107 posts
    edited December 2013
    So every time i get a spin, i play with different ways to spin the wheel...

    Sometimes is goes fast regardless of what i do, and i know its rolling to a pre-determined stopping point..

    but sometimes i just tap it a little, and it rolls 2-3 pie slices and stops, and gives me that prize..

    There seems to be a level of manipulation that i am trying to nail...

    If i can obtain a prize without a full rotation, i should be able to push for a specific pie slice..
  • exvaxman960
    203 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    I already had the lights from last year.
    All I have left to get from the wheel is the snow "god" and the shelter.
    I have not spent any real money on wheel spins yet.
  • spyder1998
    76 posts
    edited December 2013
    Lisa snowman
    Marge snowman
    Grampa snowman
    X12 1000.00

    Not getting anything good.
  • FKyle92
    123 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    4 or 5 times today I've used the wheel today and every damn time I've won $1000. I feel it's doing it on purpose...

    Over the past couple days I've got the Christmas houses and snowmen. I'll get another spin token or two in the next few hours, so hopefully I get something better.
  • annettemarc
    7747 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    Can't believe it. Just a few hours after finally getting Mr. Plow, I got Plow King. That means I have won everything from the wheel except cash and cards from now on.

    (Just a minute ... Lemme go find my pompoms). *\o/* *\o/*
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  • bluyoshi88810
    1455 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    In the past few days. my luck briefly changed when I got the Snow Monster and Claus Co, but declined again when I got gift cards, cash and more snowmen. I did get another set of Christmas lights, this time for my White house. I REALLY hope I can nab the Helter Shelter before the event's over and done with.
  • Igcognita
    1500 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    I had a pretty lucky first day, I won everything that I didn't already have, but the Yeti. Since then I can't get the Yeti, just a lot of cash prizes.
  • audiomixdon
    360 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    I keep getting the freaking $1000
  • HerrTriggerrz
    166 posts
    edited December 2013
    Day 1
    Ice Shiva `snow goddess
    Day 2
    Marge Snowwoman

    Day 3
    Brown House lights

    Day 4
    Purple House Lights

    Day 5
    Simpsons House Lights

    Day 6
    Mr Plow

    Day 7
    Flanders House Lights

    10 Donut spin token = Cletus Farm Lights

    Day 8
    Yeti premium character
    first free 30K coin = Pink House Lights
  • Jaye_Batista
    35 posts
    edited December 2013
    I've gotten several house x-mas skins, and 2 snow folks!!! Still no Abominable Bumble!!! That's what I really want!! Once I get him, and maybe whatever that Claus and Co. is, then I don't mind anything else!!
  • TankGirl2925
    200 posts
    edited December 2013
    Let's see, I won Money. Then...money again. Then money. Then christmas lights. Then money. Money. Money. Then the ice god/goddess. That's the only thing I wanted really, was the statue. Blah.
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