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how can I be a better friend/neighbor?

Squid port tile taps are always appreciated. Same for Cletus' corn.


  • SeksiTurk
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    edited January 2014
    thanks, i read somewhere that channel 6 news is appreciated too

    does tapping on squid ports and corn farm only become effective if it has the cash icon or corn icon on it?

    sorry, i'm a newb and don't exactly get what benefits they provide
  • neuroheart
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    edited January 2014
    "stackable" handshake items such as Squidport section, Channel 6, the farm, and the open-air stage. (See FAQ forum for more details on stacking handshakes)

    Next best:
    Graffiti. There are a few people who don’t agree with this, but the fact of the matter is that cleaning graffiti is the best way to raise the righteousness rating (at least until you’re high enough level to unlock the training wall decoration) and it’s the only way those building ever pay out. It’s not a huge payout, but it’s still a payout.
    Higher level players might not prioritize this as high, but when I was lower lever, I badly needed/wanted graffiti. I still appreciate it.
    (Cleaning a neighbor's buildings is generally considered a no-no, since you're depriving them of the potential righteousness and small payout they would get from cleaning it themselves.)
    The other advantage of this is that it won't throw off anyone's collection schedule, for those who have one.

    Third best:
    Long payout times. Tapping a regular building resets the payout timer so your neighbor does not have to wait quite as long for the next payout. So if a 48-hour building can be tapped, it’s a nice thing to reset that timer. Almost guaranteed helpful if your neighbor plays regularly. The 24-hour buildings are almost as good.
    I personally also like 6-hour buildings to be tapped as well, because it’s almost impossible to keep up with them on my own. I have to sleep sometime! The 16-hour buildings are also great for me since it's such a weird number of hours and I can't always catch it at the right time.

    (The Simpson house has a tiny little timer that does no good to reset; don't recommend tapping that unless there is literally no other option.)

    Those are the basics, hope this helps!
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