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Are your kidding me!?

I feel your pain. Took me over 50 spins to get my last prize and that was yesterday. If I could give you my spare coins I would.


  • prrspack
    12 posts
    edited January 2014
    The wheel sucked. Finally got Claus co today after 130k gc.
  • Venze
    3 posts
    edited January 2014
    Well I know how you feel, no Yeti for me either it looks like, I even spend 100 donuts on 20 coins extra to try and get it, and still nothing, so feel prety screwed. And it is really a slap in the face when you visit others Towns and you can see the Yeti stroll around and here other clear the board in no time.
  • Dannesand
    434 posts Member
    edited January 2014
    **Sorry this is a bit of a rant about me luck with the wheel*

    Seriously this is really bad luck lol
    So i saved up 2 lots of coins the past few days... one lot was 34 coins, and then yesterday i had 7 trying to get the yeti spun them all but still i didn't get it boo hoo :(.

    So i logged onto my fathers game as he said he could't get on it, i played it for him to try and get his last personal prizes and got him a coin....

    So i spun it...
    Guess what the stupid wheel landed on....
    Yep the wheel hates me and i hate it!

    Rant over, i just needed to vent.

    I hope you all get your last item today, as it seems i wont be.
    Happy tapping!

    We feel you bro, but your father oughta be happy though:) haha
  • kivalo21
    27 posts
    edited January 2014
    Just finished visiting my friend's town for the last time with the Christmas update. Spun my 4 coins and all I got was the one thing I don't need anymore: tickets. Oh well, just missing Claus Co and I think the ice god. If I didn't get Plow King and Mr. Plow I would have probably walked away from the game.
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