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Germany here I come!

Never been but you gotta go to Dortmunds stadium! Looks like an insane atmosphere! :P


  • MrWhiplash82
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    How long will you be in Germany? Will you be able to travel to several cities?

    If you travel directly from Heidelberg to Munich, you might want to throw in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, which would be only a minor detour. Rothenburg is a stunning sight with its medieval town centre. It is usually crowded with Japanese tourists on a European tour and German students on a field trip, though (I was there on field trips three times between ages seven and fourteen).

    Then again, if you're in Heidelberg already, you might want to skip Rothenburg, as the sensation for a tourist wouldn't be too different (Heidelberg has its share of Japanese tourists and German students on a field trip as well, even although I've been on a field trip to Heidelberg only once).

    Other popular tourist destinations would be Cologne, Dresden, Nuremberg, and, to include the no-brainer, Berlin, where you could spend a week or longer alone, including a day trip to Potsdam. Also recommendable would be the classic tour on the Rhine from Koblenz to Bingen (another popular thing for field trips, not so many Japanese tourists there) and the Neuschwanstein castle (Japanese tourists galore, not so many field trips, though).

    Coming from the Southern part of Germany, I'm not really firm with destinations in the Northern part of Germany.

    As for food: I love Sch?uferle (the Franconian variety, not the one from Baden), which is basically a roasted pig's shoulder. You can never make a mistake with the local sausages, especially in Franconia or Thuringia, even although the Bavarian Wei?wurst that you'll get in Munich may not be to everyone's taste. And then there is Leberk?se, a very special delicacy from the Southern part of Germany, which you should try at least once when you're in Germany. A Leberk?sweckla (roll with Leberk?se) is my favorite thing whenever I'm too hungry for a sandwich but not hungry enough for a full meal.
  • CoffeeMars
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    I will be there for a week & a half. I have a really good friend of mine who lives in Heidelberg who will also be my translator & guide. She asked me what I wanted to do while there & if I had anything specific I wanted to see.

    Thank you for your suggestions. I will look them up now :D
  • MrWhiplash82
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    If you're based in Heidelberg, then I'd really skip Rothenburg, as it wouldn't make too much sense to travel from Heidelberg to Rothenburg to see pretty much the same. Cologne, Nuremberg and the trip on the Rhine are well within a reasonable travelling distance for daytrips, though (all three are closer to Heidelberg than Munich, I believe).
  • wilki1999
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    You could try and find uter lol
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