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To all my neighbors

I am sorry you had more trouble. that {don't think they'll let me say that}


  • Leilani2013
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    Don't take it personally that you got a reply that had nothing to do with your original issue. I once worked customer service for a company that had "canned responses" to most problems. The trick was to send out the most appropriate scripted response and hope that it was enough to make the customer happy. If they persisted; then, someone would "escalate" their problem which was nothing more than having someone actually read what they wrote, look into the problem and send a real response. It was so much fun (heavy sarcasm) being on the escalation team. I just wanted to slap someone and tell them that it would have been just as easy and not upset the customer to simply take 5 minutes to take care of the problem the first time. Anyway, after my dealing with EA, I'm pretty sure they do something similar. I sent them an e-mail about a problem with lost donuts. I read the instructions, copied and pasted all the questions asked/information needed and then went through the list and responded to every single one. The first e-mail I got back asked me for everything I had provided in the first e-mail. A quick "I'm not an idiot" (yes that was my actual response), I already sent that info, how about taking care of the problem reply resulted in an actual response by a real human being and eventually my problem was fixed. Sure they could have responded like that in the first place and not annoyed me, but then I'd have to tell you that their customer service is awesome and people would accuse me of being an EA employee. ;)
  • rwvolture
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    Well I lost all my patience with EA when I lost my town for 7.5 weeks and dealt with their customer support. Now less than 2 months later there's more issue, I just can't deal with it
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