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Stackable handshakes questions

I think that you can only get one at a time meaning, if you go to bed you can only get 1 that night. Log into your Springfield. Don't tap the handshake and go to visit a friend. When you are done visiting your neighbor, go back to your Springfield. Your game will re-sync and now you are eligible for an additional handshake. I have a feeder town to help my main town. I can't just tap the tile, leave, go back in and tap, leave, and go back in to tap. I get a lot of xp for tapping but I only get 1 handshake. I have to go back and forth, logging into each town for each handshake. I just spread it out over the course of the day instead of doing it all in one session.


  • drew3rdof3
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    Simply, very few neighboreenos are tapping those. I have never seen more than one stacked handshake from the same neighbor. I only have one awesome neighbor that taps multiple times a day and spaces them out so I have a chance to collect each and every one. I clued in on this yesterday and am now doing the same. I have just not fingered out how he seems to be tapping two spots three times a day.

    At the end of this week, I will have more than a little room to accept and send requests; I just started collecting the names of my true neighboreenos and think I might have just more than a handful of my maxed out list.
  • njbadboy4life
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    Here's some pics to help explain it

    so you need to leave 1 handshake like the picture below.


    someone visits your town while your gone and clicks your tappable it will now look like this.


    now in order to get another handshake on top of those 2 you need to visit your town in between the 2nd and 3rd handshake. it will then look like the pic below


    if you want more handshakes you need to visit in between handshakes and leave them and they will keep stacking.

    This explains why ur not getting more than 2 overnight. Even though people are visiting and click it you will not get any more handshakes until you visit your town. The same thing happens to me overnight but during the day i have no problem stacking handshakes if i want. Usually i just collect them right away.

    also Im pretty sure with the farm your moonshine whittles once every 24 hours.

    hope this helps :D
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