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Why do some towns look like episodes of Hoarders?



  • jenniferbusc
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    edited January 2014
    My 2nd town is my feeder town, go to it during events n bored eventually ill set it up nice us it helps have it for reading missed dialogue bubbles!
  • Yak_Fuji
    22 posts
    edited January 2014
    I have a few as neighbours too - I don't get it - isn't the whole point of the game to design a town?

    This is really the key question in the thread.

    "What is the goal of this game?"

    For EA, it's to make money...nice and simple.

    For the users...that's down to the individual. Some people want to build a realistic city. Some want to simply catch up to those who've been playing years. Some want to own everything. Some want to own everything wihout having to use real currency.

    So to the Op's question:-

    Because they aren't you. They have a goal that isn't the same as your goal.

    My goal...if EA doesn't add a landing zone square that controls the place friends land at, i'll limp on slowly and prob stop playing around level 45.

    If they do add the landing zone...i'm going to fill 4/5's of the land with a blue house farm.
  • jacko_9997
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    edited January 2014
    :lol: it's funny coz it's true. Mine looks a bit like that atm though because it's still under construction :?
  • theslayer369
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    edited January 2014
    I'm currently trying to buy the less land possible, i'm level 27 and quest buildings are expensive, i always have one or two buildings i'm ready to build but don't have the money for.

    That's why my SF has a pretty well designed house area, with fences, gardens, trees and so on, which is the old part of the city when i used to spend money on decorations and stuff. Now i'm trying to max my profit at least untill i unlock ch6 (couple of quests still, i'm almost done :D). Then i hope some cash will start to flow from neighbors tapping it and i'll buy some more land and start re-designing my SF.

    I really wish i could have a better looking town but at the moment it's kinda of a choice between good looking or fast progressing, and i think i choose the latter..

    I don't get the lvl 38s with everything stacked up though..the whole point of the game is to have a very good looking city..what's the point of getting max level if you don't have a beautiful city?

    Your town looks good to me neighbour, it's a pleasure to visit. you should see some of the other ones I go on :wink:
  • astraljoe110
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    edited January 2014
    I know! House farming is one thing but to have all your buildings just scattered or stacked in one plot makes no sense. I'd hate to see what their real homes look like.
  • Saffahh
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    edited January 2014
    The big reason for the single short road is a remnant from back before the "Idle Worker" button that we now have. Back then it could be hard to find characters, especially if they walked behind buildings and then stopped for a few seconds. In those days if you only had one short road then all characters would be in one place with nowhere to hide and you could assign them all tasks in minutes.

    The buildings are placed how they are for maximum efficiency as well

    Basically these people are concerned with only one thing, making money / xp at the fastest rate possible with no concern for irrelevant aesthetics, which is just fine I suppose... I mean they can play however they wish...

    Except for one thing that I just never will understand about these people... If you don't care about the story lines, the appearance of your town, the opinion of fellow Springfielders, nor even the simple creative spark to design a town as you like and be able to admire your work...

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