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Looking for friends to tap stackables

I'll add you! I always look for stackables in friend's towns. My stackables are spread out, but you can always find SP.


  • jezeb3lle89
    3 posts
    edited January 2014
    I've been playing this game since summer and i had no idea you could tap those buildings in friends' towns. Add me so now I can!! :mrgreen: jezeb3lle89 :D
  • jwiebe13
    5 posts
    edited January 2014
  • brandonl1226
    5831 posts Member
    edited January 2014
    Add me: BrandonL1226

    I'll tap those places as well :)
  • rj854studios
    2 posts
    edited January 2014
    Sounds good add me -rj854studios

  • BlakeC02309
    96 posts Member
    edited February 2014
    I'm just trying to find information on "Stackables." I know the pier Tiles and Channel 6 are considered Stackables. I am only Level 20 but I do have the pier and I have been letting my friends keep tapping on same tile, I think I have 10 "friend handshake things" hovering over it at moment.. BUT can someone please tell me where I can find this info, or please tell me more about what I SHOULD know about Stackables.. Would be GREATLY appreciated!! Been looking for a bit.. :D:D
  • Jeroent1986
    31 posts
    edited February 2014
    Same here, add me please!

  • damian_mb0330
    56 posts
    edited February 2014
    Please add me as well, if you are not tapping my stuff I'll remove you without tapping your town. I had 100 friends and it was a pain to clean them out as some where active and some weren't.

    Tap my corn/ch 6/tile.

    damian_mb0330 / lvl 38 - smaller town and not super cluttered, will buy more land.
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