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keeps on crashing for Android phone

I am having a very similar problem. I was able to update and the dialog played fine. I tried to go to the friend screen...crash. I have not been able to get into the game since. Tried about 10 times, same thing. Sometimes it will let me 'tap to continue' then crash; other times it wont even get that far. Tried restarting my device...same thing. Android....


  • bennettlau318
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    edited February 2014
    lyy2104 wrote:
    i find no problem on iphone and ipad
    but the game just keeps on crashing for android phone!
    please fix this problem EA!
    everytime i login CRASH!
    visiting friend CRASH!
    visiting the next friend CRASH!
    go back to my own springfield CRASH!
    adding friends CRASH!
    no matter how much time i reinstal the game restart the phone and etc..
    did anyone else have this problem?

    I've had this same problem for some time with my device. I found on another thread here that if you "force stop" your game via Device Menu>Settings>Apps>Tapped out, It prolongs the time before it happens again, which makes it more bearable, but doesn't fix it completely. I do still get the force closes but not half as often as I used to.

    Hope this helps you continue playing until a bug fix is available.
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