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so I have 254 donuts

Well that depends. You did not specify which premiums you already own so it kind of makes it hard to give recommendations.

We are supposed to be getting a Presidents Day update this weekend which will include a re-release of Lincoln and his cabin, if that helps.


  • whovianxo
    3 posts
    edited February 2014
    Oh, hah yeah I haven't bought any of the premiums yet. I haven't been able to make up my mind yet. I didn't know we were getting another update this weekend, though so that's cool.
  • porkpiesteve
    229 posts
    edited February 2014
    Otto my best i got but frink good too.
  • teo47
    944 posts Member
    edited February 2014
    My favorite premium purchases that won't eat up your entire donut budget have been the Aztec Theater and the Channel 6 News Van. The Aztec looks awesome in my opinion and provides tasks for characters (3 hr task for Bart, 6 hr tasks for CBG) that pay at a premium compared to other characters' tasks of the same length. The news van also looks nice and provides a 4 hour broadcast for Channel 6 Studios that pays out the same amount of money and only 50 less XP than the 8 hour broadcast. You can really use these two premium items to increase your money more quickly than others that are available, as far as I can tell.
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