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Did you buy donuts? Are you happy you did?

It isn't now that the game is updated. It doesn't want to open for me. D:


  • jasonicus321
    1811 posts New member
    edited September 2012
    No way. Too expensive.
  • QCOuTLaWz
    596 posts
    edited September 2012
    Im lacking the space right now for all these big buildings anyway so Im not rushing to get them..I must have spent around 30$ on this game already and all I got is the teen + moleman and the tire yard + a few premium deco
  • saintslater
    5 posts
    edited September 2012
    They will get more stuff and you have to spend more money than the 70$. It is not worth that... Sorry, but for a free game the premium stuff ist just too expensive. They try to make money with the brand simpsons...
  • edited September 2012
    I will NEVER purchase donuts!!! I've lost over 30 because of a house getting selected in the middle of a ton of money, then the "speed up" **** on the house gets selected, and the "close window" is next; by the time you can select the house again to stop the "time warp", it's too late! :( :x
  • ShAdOwXPR
    42 posts
    edited September 2012
    Way to expensive both characters and buildings. I love that there is new content but they need to lower the donut price on items...
  • DohMoe
    506 posts
    edited September 2012
    Unless the give us a seriously reasonable price, like 1,000 for 10 (What? I's too expensive!!), 500 for 5, and 100 for $1, etc, screw it.
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