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New update glitch ?

I think that's just how it is now.


  • Renamed8736
    231 posts
    edited February 2014
    Same here....only receive FP from graffiti .
  • AJtheboss1
    3869 posts Member
    edited February 2014
    I noticed that some buildings give FPs but I didn't pay attention to which ones actually did. I'll have to pay attention next time I collect in my town.
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  • LanceUppercut808
    857 posts
    edited February 2014
    From what I've noticed and read, you only get FP from cleaning up graffiti in your town, and by visiting friends. So, right now, it's a good thing to graffiti your neighbors.
  • wrkingrl509
    77 posts Member
    edited February 2014
    Not a glitch! It's coming from cleaning graffiti. I think this makes it theoretically possible (with all 100 neighbors tapping 3 graffiti buildings each time at 1 FP a piece) to earn an extra 300 FP per day.
  • Frimar21
    269 posts Member
    edited February 2014
    yeas, confirmed.. it is working as intended!
    now the graffiti are something positive ;-) the bad news is that you can have only 4 buildings in your city that are "graffitable"... so the most of your FP will arrive from YOUR visits.. go ahead, move your fingers and tap on your friends, there you get FP for every buildings, but remember to look first for the graffitable ones...
  • Aennilya
    636 posts
    edited February 2014
    I have received a few Frink Points from neighbor taps on buildings in both my main town and in a feeder town, but only a few times early on after I updated. And the time it happened in my feeder town was weird:

    I have 2 feeder towns. In feeder town A I tapped 1 graffiti and 2 visited buildings from town B. I got 1 FP for the graffiti. I visited town B and made my taps. I retuned home to town A and was awarded the 2 FP from the 2 buildings I had previously tapped when I tapped them again (brown house, Simpson house, I think - my feeder towns are barely developed). Weird, right?

    Each building (and graffiti, too, dagnabbit) is only tappable once. So I'm not sure what this means.
  • jenniferbusc
    2392 posts Member
    edited February 2014
    I've only noticed the graffitti, which is kinda of lame seein * all graffitti building can be done when two friends visit.
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