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Donuts from FP!, Spuckler kids animation and DONUT CONFIRMATION BUTTON REMINDER



  • drosax1
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    edited February 2014
    bren1960 wrote:
    Smurf1972 wrote:
    when tapped the Spuckler kids has animations now
    Whitney: Plays a bass like instrument
    Dubya: Sits down and plays a makeshift drum.
    Birthday: Plays a coat hanger.

    Err, they've always done that for me... :?

    Are you on iOS? Because on my device (android) I was getting nuthin from them before this update. I tried to click on them and got no result. It was as if I was clicking on a shrub. But more frustrating. Or maybe it was something wrong at my end? Now I get the animations just fine post-update!

    They didn't animate until after update. You're ok lol

    I'm on Android as well and its the same animations as when you collected the money from them

    Edit: sorry my phone was being weird
  • Nilmade
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    edited February 2014
    GamerGD3 wrote:
    Nilmade wrote:
    anything in the files about getting donuts for finishing quests? yesterday just after updating a quest finished and i got three donuts. i was too confused to note down which quest as i never gotten any donuts upon finishing quests before

    Have you added friends recently? When you start playing there are some quests about adding new neighbours that give you donuts.

    No, he probably finished Herman's questline. That one rewarded donuts as the 30th level special and to "make up" for the "poor" and "confusing" storyline.

    I'm sorry, I've completely forgotten those donuts :oops:
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