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level 18 springfield with sprinfield sign and most of buildings replaced by level 3

people complaining about their towns being reset NEVER mention that they are logged into their origin,so, are you logged onto your origin account when on the log-in screen before taping the screen


  • dominguez748
    2 posts
    edited September 2012
    logged in or out it still shows a level 3 springfield....... ived tried logging in over and over and no success... and whats * me off is i had just bought $20 worth of donuts
  • ZigZagler78
    6 posts
    edited September 2012
    QCOuTLaWz: The exact same thing happened to me yesterday, and yes I am logged in to my account. I had a level 19 Springfield that was suddenly replaced with a level 4 that I had never seen before. I'm waiting for a response from customer service, but I doubt that they will do anything.
  • QCOuTLaWz
    596 posts
    edited September 2012
    well thats scary......
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