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Alphabetic Apologies

Ratman doesn't care. They don't care.


  • MaxxSpider
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    edited April 2014
    i never collect the ones worth 1 point

  • sherryt07
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    edited April 2014
    To my friends and neighboreenos, I do apologize for my behavior. Now that friends are back to alphabetical, and I grew up reading and writing English, I tend to visit towns left to right, from A to whatever. And I'm not that excited about gathering FPs. I quit gathering at 2 FPs per hit... or when I fall asleep... or when I just get bored.

    I'll try to be better about visiting friends at the end of the alphabet. I'm now visiting "backwards", and I'll try to hit those friends who languish at the end of the alphabet at least every other day... when I play.

    I sort of wondered why my towns with names starting with letters toward the end of the alphabet weren't getting as many handshakes as those with "early" letters.

    This is perhaps something for our part time and short sighted FP gathering friends (including me) to think about as well.

    I just started visiting 40 neighbors a day. The next day, I start up where I left off. Everybody gets visited at least twice a week this way.
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