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Common egg colour switch?

huh? like blues becoming the common ones and pink being rarer later? uhhhhh


  • jessporter91
    14 posts
    edited April 2014
    Like your common colour begins as blue but then turns into pink... and vice versa.

    Seems to be those people were getting the wrong end of the stick
  • NMayo
    898 posts
    edited April 2014
    i wish mine would change to blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    never heard of it, but would be amazing if it would switch.. the common egg color is pink, thats why rabbits drop pinks with a 10:1 ratio or so..
  • soccerdad394
    12 posts Member
    edited April 2014
    i find my bunnies lay more blue eggs then pink
  • MaxxSpider
    5465 posts Member
    edited April 2014
    Half towns have blue as common and half have pink as common.
    My common egg is blue. The character tasks pay out your common colour.
  • jessporter91
    14 posts
    edited April 2014
    I guess what I read doesn't seem to be true.. your common colour stay with you until the update finishes.
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